Cleansing Balm: your first step to clear skin

by Claudia Christin on Mar 18, 2024

You might have been confused when faced with the options available for your first cleanser. Cleansing oil, cleansing balm, micellar water.. All of these confuse you and you don’t know which one is better for your skin. We are here to help you understand one of them better! Be ready to jot down some noteworthy information of cleansing balm.

The benefits of the cleansing balm

#1 Cleanse your skin effectively

Just like most of first cleansers, cleansing balm is an oil-based cleanser that will help cleanse your skin from oil, dirt, sunscreen, as well as heavy and waterproof makeup. This is because cleansing balm use oil and emollients as its base. Since oil attracts oil, it is easier for cleansing balm to melt down your heavy-duty, waterproof makeup products, sunscreen and any build up from your skin

You can even use it to massage your nose or area that are prone to clogged pores and it can mildly remove any oil plug in your pores, leaving your skin smooth and clear once you rinse them off

#2 Provide gentler effects on our skin

Cleansing balm can effectively cleanse your skin while still maintaining your skin barrier and without stripping your skin’s natural oil. Unlike using a micellar water as your first cleanser, cleansing balm is gentler on our skin since it does not involve frictions on our skin’s surface with materials like cotton pads used for micellar water. You don’t need to worry it does not work as effective since the heat from your hand and the massage you do help cleansing balm to work deeply.

#3 More practical

Compared to another oil-based cleanser (yes, cleansing oil), cleansing balm is more practical and less messy to use. It does not need to be emulsified with water to properly cleanse your skin and prevent clogged pores.

#4 Kinder to earth

When you use cleansing balm, you are not only saving the earth from unnecessary consumption of one-time use cotton pads, you also consume less water (that you do when using cleansing oil).

However, it is important to note that not all cleansing balms are created the same. The efficacy of each cleansing balm depends on its formula. Their consistency, oiliness, hydration, cleansing ability (surfactants), and how it emulsifies.

Your cleansing balm might have some claims to do wonders to your skin such as hydrating, brightening, leaving your skin radiant.. But it all won’t work as well as it should if you use cleansing balm as a standalone product in your skincare routine.

Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

Effective skincare routine with cleansing balm

#1 Cleansing Balm as the 1st Cleansing Step

Of course, cleansing balm as the ‘base’

Product recommendation: I’m from - Fig Cleansing Balm 

#2 Water-based Cleanser for 2nd Cleansing Step

No matter how effective your cleansing balm works, you still need to do the second cleansing step to make sure any remaining oil, dirt, sunscreen, makeup and cleanser more deeply and thoroughly.

Product recommendation: I’m from - Mugwort Gel Cleanser

#3 Toner to restore your skin hydration after cleansing

Product recommendation: I’m from - Fig Boosting Essence 

#4 Serum to refresh/rejuvenate your skin or to target your skin concerns

Product recommendation: I’m from - Beet Energy Ampoule 

#5 Moisturizer to seal moisture

Product recommendation: I’m from - Licorice Calming Cream 

Skin type that might get most benefits from cleansing balm

All skin type, especially those who

1. Love using makeup daily

2. Have sensitive skin

3. Have acne-prone skin

4. Have dry skin

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