'Cloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment

by Wendy Kim on Feb 13, 2018

‘Glass skin’, ‘honey skin’, ‘mochi skin’. Not only fashion and hair but now skin even has trends, and it’s no longer an unfamiliar story. And there is a new skin trend that people are dying to keep up with and it’s called the ‘glass skin’. So what is ‘cloudless skin’? Exactly like how it sounds, it’s a skin that refers to completely clear, flawless complexion. But when our skin is exposed to the sun, the pollution, friction, and so much more, getting ‘cloudless skin’ seems very tricky. Especially if you are struggling with pimples and acne ‘cloudless skin’ might sound even trickier. But if you know how to handle with your skin during your breakouts and post acne condition, it won’t be too hard to get ‘cloudless skin’.

1. Before & During Breakouts

Of course, even before you consider removing pimples or fade any pigmentation, preventing it before it even takes place is the key to clear skin. Also, when you first notice any troubles smearing and surfacing up your skin, it’s better to take care of it beforehand before it’s too late. Then how do you do that?

1) Exfoliation will do no harm

Exfoliation is one very key habit in skincare to make your skin clear and healthy. Think of it simple, it will remove dead skin cells (keratin) built up on the surface of your skin and this will eventually prevent your pores being blocked because when your pores are blocked with dirt and keratin and especially when it can't breath, it's the best condition for acne, pimples to be born. There are so many different ingredients for exfoliation but among them, AHA will be a great way to do so, especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. And don't forget that even when you have acne, you can still exfoliate, but gently will be the key. So let's never disregard the importance of exfoliation. But again, everything excessive is never good and always check what will work best for your skin.

2) Calm inflammation

One of the toughest acne to deal with is, inflammatory acne. There are many different ways and ingredients that will calm inflammatory acne. So look for ingredients that will effectively calm and remove inflammatory acne. It's best to not make angry skin even angrier but calm it. You can do this through toners, serums or toner but it's best to calm them before you jump into any other skincare routine, so we recommend seek for toners that can not only prep the skin but that can calm any inflammation.

3) Repair damaged skin

Last but not least, the crucial action to keep in mind when you have breakouts is to concentrate on recovering the skin. In other words, be focused with how to regenerate and repair sensitized and damaged skin due to acne? Our skin has the natural ability to heal wounds obviously, but depending on how much effectively you stepped into help the skin improve it's healing ability and how much early you stepped into the healing process will either leave a scar, a pigmentation or leave no marks and give clear skin back to you. Again, how do I help my skin to recover? Once you popped a pimple or once you've noticed irritated, sensitized, inflamed, wounded part of your skin, thanks to pimples, don't leave the skin alone but add a protective layer so that you won't expose the irritated area to harsh conditions but really let it heal. If you can add an ingredient that can boost the synthesis of collagen, it will help to prevent acne scars.★Our recommendation for 'cloudless skin'#1. Exfoliate & calm inflammatory acne: [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water(click here to see detailed article about the product)Cloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment Article Insert 1#2. Repair & regenerate damaged skin: [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier CreamCloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment Article Insert 2

2. Pigmentation & Acne Scar Treatment

Now, if your skin already has been invaded and has been tormented by pimples and acne and that they left a huge ‘mark’ behind, hesitate no more and jump right into acne scar treatment. But don’t back off thinking that laser treatments are the only options on your hands. You can give acne scar treatment at home if you remember the following rules.

1) 2 in 1: Hydrating & brightening care

Why is hydration important when we're talking about 'cloudless skin' and acne? Hydration is key to healthy skin because only hydrated skin has the best ability to recover, repair and make acne scar treatment effective. So don't forget hydration in the midst of being focused with acne scar treatment. Incorporate hydration & brightening care at once and you can do this easily by adding a sheet mask with effective ingredients like 'Niacinamide' and 'Beta-gluan'.

2) Vitamin C, the bible of acne scar treatment

Everytime we talk about acne scar treatment, there's no chance we'll miss talking abou Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient to never forget if acne scar, pigmentation is the care you need. It gently exfoliates the skin, protects the skin from environmental pollutants and furthermore, reduces discoloration and brightens the overall skin tone.

3) Maximize acne scar treatment with Vitamin E

Guess who's best friend of Vitamin C? It's Vitamin E. If acne scar treatment, fading pigmentation is what you are aiming for, get help from what can supplement the benefits and effect of Vitamin C the most. Since Vitamin C usually comes out as serum or essence type, adding a Vitamin E cream after the Vitamin C care will be a great way to enhance the absorption rate of Vitamin C. Not only it boosts the effect of Vitamin C, Vitamin E itself has antioxidant factor and enhances the production of elastin and collagen on the skin which will help with recovery.★Our recommendation for 'cloudless skin'#1. Hydrate & brighten skin: [BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet MaskCloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment Article Insert 3#2. Fade pigmentation: [BY WISHTREND] Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced SerumCloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment Article Insert 4#3. Boost Vitamin C effect: : [BY WISHTREND] Vitamin 75 Maximizing CreamCloudless Skin' with Simple At Home Pimle Treatment Article Insert 5You are right on time to get full acne & acne scar treatment with our new "Brand Package"! [BY WISHTREND] Total Acne Care Package

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