Anti Aging Serum Made with Blueberries? Klairs Midnight Blue Drop

by Wendy Kim on Mar 23, 2018

I'm finally here with our very first 'Monthly Pick'! We will select one product once every month on Wishtrend and share you all the juicy goodness about the product! The basic but also the smart using tips of the products so that you can enjoy them in a greater level and in a more effective way for better results!So, one of the highly searched products in skincare is anti aging cream. Yes, the earlier you start anti aging care, the more effective you will be able to delay aging and prevent wrinkles from appearing earlier than you expected. It is easy to think that thick anti aging cream will work effective for wrinkles under eyes, forehead and on your laugh line. However, thick doesn't necessarily mean it's the most effective. Especially if you are in your 20s, thick creams can only add burden on your skin. That is why anti aging serums are more on trend recently and that is why this item we'll be introducing you today is beloved by so many now. It's one of the best selling anti aging product on Wishtrend!
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Klairs Blue Drop? The Anti Aging Serum for Wrinkles!

The very first item for our very first 'Monthly Pick' is the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop!

1. Texture

Before we take a look into the ingredients, let's talk about texture first. Most of you will imagine the word 'thick' and 'heavy' when you think about anti aging products. Especially thick anti aging cream products will come into your mind when you think of anti aging care. However, if I tell you that there is a essence type anti aging product that will work wonders for your fine lines and wrinkles, wouldn't it be interesting? And especially when it has a watery light texture that absorbs quickly into your skin, anti aging care will become so much less of a burden. The watery texture leaves your skin feeling comfortable during and of course after application and it abosrbs easily and effectively onto the skin.Article_gif_ Monthly Pick What's Better than Anti Aging Cream Start Anti Aging Serum!2

2. The Ingredient

If we were to talk about an anti aging product, how can we not take a look into the ingredient list! Surprisingly, this blue drop only contains 10 key ingredients that will work effectively to fade and prevent fine lines. What ingredients makes it so effective for this serum to be anti aging effective with just a few ingredients? Among the 10 ingredients, Dual Peptides and Guaiazulene is what it makes this blue drop anti aging effective.
Anti Aging Serum Made with Blueberries Klairs Midnight Blue Drop Article Insert 2

*If you want to see detailed story about the secret to the ingredients, click here or the image above or click here.

3. The Basic 'How to Use'

You might be wondering at which step should you incorporate this magical blue drop in your skin care routine. Unlike other essence or serum which you stick to applying it after toner and before cream, this blue drop will work and absorb most effectively when you apply it even before you apply the toner step. And there is a reason why this magical blue drop comes in small sizes. It's because with only a few drops, it will work wonders. Half a spoid will be enough to apply it under your eyes, your forehead and your laugh line. You can either directly drop the blue drop onto your skin and apply it with your fourth finger or you can drop the essence on the tip of your fingers and soak them into your skin.[caption id="attachment_135224" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Article_gif_ Monthly Pick What's Better than Anti Aging Cream Start Anti Aging Serum!3 If you want to see detailed basic how to use of the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop,click here or the image above.[/caption] 

4. Smart Using Tips

One of the skin care passion I have is to share smart using tips of a product. Why not use the product in the most effective way to get the most effective results you can get out of a skin care product? And of course I have 4 different smart using tips that are so much worthy to consider and try out when using [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop.[caption id="attachment_20041" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Anti Aging Serum Made with Blueberries Klairs Midnight Blue Drop Article Insert 3 If you want to see detailed smart using tips of the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop,click here or the image above.[/caption] 

1) Use after exfoliation

As mentioned above on the basic how to use of this essence, you can simply add a few drop of it after cleansing before the toner step. However, if you have oily skin or if you want to make sure your skin fully absorbs all the anti-aging goodness into your skin, use it after exfoliation. You can actually incorporate exfoliating in your cleansing or you can simply add a wash off type mask before applying the blue drop. This will help your skin to be prepped perfectly for full wrinkle care.

2) Apply it with a massage ball

If you don't want to waste even a drop of this blue drop, get help with a massage ball. It's easy to find these massage rollers in shops so all you have to do is pour the product in the roller and apply it wherever you wish to give wrinkle care! It's easy to use and you won't even waste a drop of this magical blue drop.

3) Use with derma roller

We all know that derma roller was a huge trend until very recently and for those who've tried, you would still be using the most out of it. It helps with skin cell regeneration and makes the key ingredients to be absorbed more effectively to the deeper layer of the skin. And of course since this is an anti-aging product, you would want nothing but to deliver all the key ingredeints to the deepest layer of the skin. Simply roll the derma roller onto the areas that you wish to add the blue drop and then apply it as you would normally do. (But of course, always check first if your skin doesn't react to the stimulation of a derma roller)

4) As wrinkle patches

Some of you might wish to last the time of delivering key ingredients of anti aging for a longer period of time. Then nothing would work better than making it into a patch (DIY sheet mask). You can use any type of cotton pads you have at home or with the cotton pad in our [KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad, make yourself a wrinkle patch by simply soaking them with blue drop and customize the size for under your eyes, and your laugh ilne. Attach it onto the face and leave it on for 5 minutes and then you are done.

5. Real Reviews

Take a look at some of the real reviews that actual users of the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop left!
Anti Aging Serum Made with Blueberries Klairs Midnight Blue Drop Article Insert 4
 LOVE LOVE THIS SERUM! I've been enjoying this nightly for about two weeks now and absolutely in love with it. It's a very lightweight watery type of serum. It's more so in line with first essence toners when it comes to it's usability and benefits but with potency of serum! I've been using it right after thorough cleansing and light watery toner, and then follow up this Klairs serum with my regular skin care routine. I didn't notice much benefits for the first few days other than the fact that it wasn't irritating my super sensitive skin. And after about 10 days of nightly use, I noticed that my skin looks healthier and smoother. I haven't changed anything else in my nightly skin care routine so I'm convinced that it's this little serum that I have to thank for. My skin looks overall revitalized and healthier since I started this serum. I haven't notice direct improvement on fine lines just yet but I do feel that my skin is smoother and see a definite potential of further skin improvement with this serum.

-Lisa K**

CLEAN INGREDIENTS I love how the majority of ingredients used in this product are clean and safe to use (according to the EWG website). The formulation is light and watery, which helps the product to quickly absorb into the skin. I have yet to see any effect on my fine lines, however I've only started using it for a week. I am looking forward to seeing the long-term results after using it consistently...

-Victoria C****

LIGHT, BUT EFFECTIVE I really like how this doesn't feel like an heavy-duty serum. My skin loves how this helps to prevent the signs of aging and the softness it brings. Also I feel like the ingredient list is short and simple. Very safe to use. I'm planning to purchase the cream version of this also..

-Katariina S******


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