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by wishtrend on Nov 14, 2022


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It's already November and we are already seeing holiday decorations up everywhere! That means it's time to get our holiday gifts ready for our friends and family and to start getting into the holiday spirits! Though it is that jolly time of the year, it is also that time of the year where the air is getting colder and drier, and the stress we've accumulated over the year shows on our skin. It could be a harsh time of the year for our skin. So today, we wanted to share special tips to bring back the glowing skin, different ways to revive dull skin before we welcome another amazing year! 

01. From Cleansing to SPF, Full Routine Dedicated to Dull Skin

: Brand Package #TeamDully Box

Struggling with dull skin complexion and hyperpigmentation? Then start with building your full skincare routine with products to target skin dullness. From cleansing to SPF,  build a solid routine that contains ingredients with brightening properties. Focus on finding ingredients like rice, vitamin c, vitamin e and hyaluronic acid and balance them well in your routine.  

#TeamDULLY is here to save the day. This 6-step skincare routine consists of key ingredients such as rice bran, grape, pomegranate and ginseng extract, and vitamin E to improve dull complexion and hyperpigmentation. 

02. Rich Hydration, Key to Unlock Skin's Glow

: Brand Package Aqua Enriched Hydrating Package

Hydration is key to overall healthy and glowing skin. Dullness on the skin can be easily improved even just by hydrating the skin sufficiently. So, if you are running out of time to find products and ingredients that will specifically aid with brightening care, start off with building a hydrating skincare routine. From cleanser to SPF, find products that will help retain moisture level on the skin.

The Aqua Enriched Hydrating Package includes 5 of Rovectin's Aqua Enriched Products from cleanser to sheet masks to hydrate the skin.

03. Rice is Nice to Turn on Your Skin's Glow

: Wish Recipe I'm From Rice Glow Set

Rice is no stranger when It comes to brightening care. We can even call it one of the most famous skincare ingredient for glowing, brightening skin! Using products with rice extracts topically, you will be able to see gradual enhancement in dull areas of your skin and see the glow build up slowly but surely! 

The rice set consists of the rice toner and rice mask. The rice line has moisturizing properties, softening skin and provides support to skin cell regeneration. This set is specially made to remove dead skin cells and wastes to create smooth and moisturized skin thus making it effective in improving skin'n complexion.

04. Be Comfortable with Vitamin Skincare to Tackle Dull Skin

: Wish Recipe By Wishtrend Vitamin Junkie Package

What is your first reaction when you hear the ingredient Vitamin C? Do you get excited or afraid first? Vitamin C is one ingredient that is always in between love and fear. But if you are looking forward to revive your dull skin and reveal your skin's glow, start your journey to get more comfortable with this ingredient. Start with mild vitamin c products then slowly build your way up to higher concentrate of vitamin c. 

The Vitamin Junkie Package is an intensive vitamin care routine for texture improvement and antioxidant effects. Use the high concentration vitamin C serum with the vitamin E cream for greater effects. On days that require extra care, provide light vitamin care with the enhancing mask.

05. Pair Vitamin C with Vitamin E for Maximum Glow

: Wish Recipe Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Set

Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These two ingredients are renown best friends of skincare ingredients. They are very complimentary to one another, and especially if you are looking forward to brightening skincare, you might want to create a skincare routine with both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This could be a very easy skincare formula to remember whenever you struggle with dull skin. 

The Freshly Juiced Vitamin Set is a mild and effective vitamin care routine. The vitamin drop and vitamin mask both contain a generous amount of vitamin C and E that combine to be effective in brightening and plumping the skin. Especially recommended if you are looking for a simple and easy 2 step skincare for overnight brightening care.

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