Acne Myths You Need to Stop Believing From Today

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Oct 11, 2021

  It is estimated that over 80% of all people will somehow have experienced an episode of acne breakout at some point in their lives. It has been there for years and it comes along with lots of “old” myths that only adds more problems than actually defeating the main issue, at some point, it may even make them worse! In this article, we are going to debunk some of the most common acne myths that you NEED to stop believing for a healthier and best version of your skin.  
  1. Myth 1. Acne is caused by dirt 

Acne causes are multifactorial starting from 1) excessive production of sebum, 2) irregular keratinization (pile of dead skin cells), and 3) overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria (c. acne) that leads to inflammation that forms acne. Although dirt, in the long run, can be one of the causes of clogged pores, it is quite unlikely to happen if it’s the only variable in the whole equation. On the contrary, washing your face too often might actually disrupt your skin barrier and lead to more issues such as external stressors/allergens that induce and exacerbate inflammation on the skin. 


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  1. Myth 2. Only teenagers get acne 

Acne can occur both during the teenage years and even as an adult. Acne in adulthood is more common in women due to the higher hormonal fluctuation especially during the menstrual cycle period where they found a temporary worsening of their acne condition each month. In the end, people of all ages can get acne. The different times of onset divide the group as either “persistent acne” that continues from teenage years that fails to clear up until adulthood, or “late-onset” where it starts from the age of mid-20s. 
  1. Myth 3. UV rays from the sun help treat acne 

Prolonged exposure to the sun (UVB) can induce an inflammatory process that exacerbates the healing process of your acne. Avoid prolonged or intensive exposure to the sun since it may lead to more acne and an increased risk of skin cancer. 
  1. Myth 4. Natural remedies are best for overnight treatment or care for acne 

We have at least attempt one DIY skincare from the internet that promises instant results overnight and regret our decision for some reason. First, natural DIY such as lemon, cucumber, baking soda hacks may all irritate your skin and worsen your acne. Second, there are no overnight solutions. It takes days – weeks for acne to form and so does with its treatment 


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  1. Myth 5. Scrubbing or exfoliating every day can get rid of acne 

I used to think that as we scrub our skin, with physical exfoliators, it will polish away from my skin and the persistent pimple instantly for new smooth skin cells to resurface. Turns out, the best practice is to actually exfoliate moderately as needed depending on your skin needs. 


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  1. Myth 6. Acne at a certain area signals internal health issue

Have you heard anyone telling you that you have an issue with your internal organs when you’re breaking out at a specific area of your face? We usually know them as ‘face mapping’. There has been little to no evidence supporting this statement. 

• Forehead area:

✓ Myth: Due to small intestine and bladder ✓ Fact:  left-over styling products, hairstyle (specific hair bangs), and helmet 

• Cheek: Results from a dirty phone case 

✓ Myth: bad stomach ✓ Fact: Results from dirty phone case or some other reason 

• Jawline: 

✓ Myth: Issue reproductive system✓ Fact: It has been linked to hormonal changes, that causes  


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