6 Major Acne Treatment Tips You Can Easily Try At Home

by Wendy Kim on Apr 24, 2020

Click onto the banner to enjoy 45% OFF + FREE GIFTS 💙[/caption] When it comes to acne, it is not a simple skincare talk to have. It is complex, the types are diverse and it is tricky to take care of. Especially at a time like this, when we take more caution stepping out to a crowded place or clinics, we lean towards finding a great way to treat acne at home.  This is where Wishtrend steps in. Wishtrend decided to curate a box that can catch two birds with one stone; 1) treat acne effectively and 2) treat acne at home. So, if you struggle with acne and is actively searching for a skincare solution that you can easily do at home, learn how the latest Wish, Try, Love: Step by Step Acne Self Care Box can help! 

Step by Step Acne Self Care Box

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Step by Step Acne Self Care Box


6 Major Acne Treatment Tips & Ingredients to Try at Home

Do you identify yourself as ‘acne prone skin’? If acne is more of a chronic skin condition for you, it is ideal to have a fixed skincare routine that you can always turn to whenever acne becomes a concern. Then, what are some major tips to consider when you must curate such skincare routine? What are 6 major acne treatment tips to keep in mind when we try this at home? The rules are simple than you imagined, yet requires the right ingredients at the right time in your skincare. So, make sure you take notes and carry on!

 [caption id="attachment_195669" align="aligncenter" width="700"]acne-treatment-tips-wtl-insert-image-2 Enjoy all 6 rules with the Step by Step Self Acne Care Box[/caption]

Tip 1. Gentle Exfoliation: LHA & PHA

Rule number one for acne treatment at home is, 'exfoliation', not just any exfoliation - 'gentle exfoliation'. It is important since one major cause of breakouts is due to built up dead skin cells and secreted oil having a hard time escaping from the pores. So, how we do it? There are many different ways to exfoliate dead skin cells but when it comes to acne, try to exfoliate as you cleanse. 


The checklist for a gentle exfoliating cleanser: 

✓ a cleanser with low pH level 

✓ a cleanser with a gentle gel formula 

✓ a cleanser with LHA and PHA ingredients

a cleanser that doesn't harshly strip off moisture from the skin


Tip 2. The Korean Tea Tree: Mugwort

If you have gentle exfoliation in mind, then follows 'ingredients for acne'. The more you look into and carefully pick ingredients for the skin and for acne treatment, the more effective you can keep acne prone skin under control. Among a long list of ingredients that are claimed to be great for acne, which should you prioritize and keep in mind? Today, leave with the ingredient 'mugwort', so called the Korean tea tree. 


What are the benefits of mugwort:


✓ anti-fungal

✓ anesthetic

✓ anti-inflammatory

✓ prevents irritation

✓ skin calming


Tip 3. Daily Pigmentation Care: Vitamin C

Acne's best friend is acne scars or pigmentation. They are most likely to come in pairs and thus must be taken care of at the same time. When it comes to acne scars, there is one very popular ingredient that never misses a spot on your vanity; Vitamin C. Vitamin C comes in different types of products, sizes and dosage, however if you wish to keep this ingredient as your staples in your skincare routine, get hands on a gentle vitamin c serum!


Vitamin C, the best way to use it:

 add just a few drops of vitamin c serum in your daily night time routine

✓ if you have sensitive skin, use it 2-3 times a day

✓ at times when your skin feels sensitive, focus on areas with pigmentation 

✓ pair vitamin c serum with a vitamin e moisturizer for maximized vitamin c care


Tip4. Cure Active Acne: Sulfur

If you see a pus formation under your pores or struggling with 'should I pop it? should I wait?', don't hesitate and go ahead with the ingredient 'sulfur'. Sulfur is one of the most beloved ingredient when it comes to 'effective acne care'. If you are looking for an instant acne curer, sulfur will do the job. Try adding a small amount specifically onto the areas where you see a pus formation, the next day, you'll notice either 1) pus be removed (dried out) or 2) pus come up to the surface and fasten the process. 


How does sulfur cure acne?

✓ anti-inflammatory

✓ antibacterial 

✓ reduces sebum & excessive oil production

✓ clears bacteria from the pores


Tip5. Hydration & Brightening: Vitamin E

'Hydration', is not just crucial for acne but at all times. There are different ways and ingredients to hydrate the skin, however when it comes to acne, remember to keep a good 'oil and water balance' on the skin. So, what is the best way to choose a moisturizer that will effectively hydrate acne prone skin?


Qualities of a good moisturizer for acne prone skin:

✓ Consider Vitamin E moisturizer after applying Vitamin C serum

✓ See if it has a light gel-like texture

✓ Make sure it absorbs effectively into the layers of the skin


Tip 6. Prevent Acne Scars: Pimple Patch

Pimple patches has become the most common skincare item found on all of our vanities. It is a great simple item during acne emergencies.  So if you are trying to curate a skincare routine for acne, never forget a patch because it comes very handy to a) prevent further infection, b) prevent acne scarring, c) prevent external stimuli and hand picking and d) remove excessive moisture from the pores.


Use the pimple patch on the area where you...

✓ just extracted a pimple

✓ have inflamed acne 

✓ have infected area on the skin

✓ read more about pimple patches here



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