2021 Cruelty-Free Week is Back and It's Even Better! Wishtrend Shopping Guide

by Wendy Kim on May 23, 2021

A walk through Wishtrend's Cruelty-Free memory lane...

 Cruelty-Free has always been closely tied to Wishtrend, and every once a year Wishtrend dedicates one full week to celebrate Cruelty-Free skincare. Among many different ways to start cruelty-free and to make a transition into conveying a cruelty-free lifestyle, creating your skincare routine with cruelty-free products could be the easiest way with the lowest entry barrier. This is where Wishtrend aspires to tap into, to help as many as possible to start cruelty-free skincare and ultimately shed more light on cruelty-free lifestyle in general.  In 2020, Wishtrend celebrated Cruelty-Free Week with exciting skincare news from new launches, discounts, exclusive goodies and with  a global campaign #pawpromise.#pawpromise was designed as a challenge that anyone who comes across Wishtrend can participate to take a moment and remind ourselves of the bond and emotional connection we have with animals around us as we shop for cruelty-free skincare products. Hundreds of Wishtrenders participated in this challenge and it continued even after the end of Cruelty-Free Week.  → Read more about #pawpromise here: #pawpromise with Wishtrend to Start Cruelty Free Skincare And this year, Wishtrend is back with 2021 Cruelty-Free Weke and #pawpromise is back on! So, now let us guide you through the 2021 Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide! From what exciting skincare events you can expect and how to enter the #pawpromise challenge to win some of your favorite Korean cruelty-free products!  

The Full Guide to Wishtrend's 2021 Cruelty-Free Week :

  1. 1. Enter #pawpromise Challenge & Win Your Favorite Wish, Try, Love Box 🐾

First thing’s first! This year for #pawpromise, Wishtrend team will be selecting 10 special winners and giveaway everyone’s wishlist, one full Wish, Try, Love Box of your choice! (Curious of what Wish, Try, Love Box will work best on your skin? Read this). So, if you have a pet yourself or have a friend or family with a pet, take this time to not only bond with them but also win a chance to win a full routine to take GOOD care of your skin!  #pawpromise challenge image So, here’s how to participate in the #pawpromise challenge! 

Giveaway rulescheck out @wishtrend’s #pawpromise IG Post

Step1. Ask for a high five to your animal friends and film their reactions. (High five success or fail does not matter!)Step2. Upload the reaction video post or reels on your public Instagram account. (No stories)Step3. Tag us @Wishtrend in the video & caption.Step4. Make sure to use the hashtag #PawPromise in the post.Step5. It's a bonus if you are following us @Wishtrend and @WishtrendTV! 
    1. 2. Have a Waterful Day with the New Baby from By Wishtrend 💦

By Wishtrend Hydra Enriched Ampule Image
 It’s been a minute since By Wishtrend has been out with a brand new product! The long wait is finally over and to make Cruelty-Free Week extra fun, By Wishtrend is finally adding a new ampoule (serum) and it will probably be your new favorite skincare item that you can’t live without! Say hello to, Hydra Enriched Ampoule! 

Hydra Enriched Ampoule

Hydra Enriched Ampoule By Wishtrend

Hydra Enriched Ampoule

 The Pure Vitamin C Serum, Ferulic Acid Serum and Propolis Serum has been the best serum trio on Wishtrend to target acne prone skin thanks to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It was about time to add an ampoule dedicated to “hydration”. With the flood of requests from Wishtrenders asking for a daily hydrating ampoule, By Wishtrend designed an ampoule that you can use everyday for all four seasons. (Follow @bywishtrend for latest updates on By Wishtrend)  
  1. 3. For the First Time Ever, Wishtrend Exclusive Brand ‘elmt’ is 15% OFF 🧪

It’s been a month since the brand ‘elmt’ has been launched on Wishtrend for the first time. elmt got all of us excited not only with the iconic green bottles but with bringing us closer to the lab and the researchers behind the scenes to create a skin solution that will give the optimal synergistic effect for different skin types and skin conditions.  [caption id="attachment_683668" align="aligncenter" width="500"]elmt skincare brand image Click onto the image to see elmt's product page[/caption] The four different solutions from their very first line #frameless is the talk of the town in the skincare community and the reviews are flooding out like crazy! To celebrate Cruelty-Free Week on Wishtrend, all four #frameless Solutions will be offered with 15% discounted price only for a week! elmt has never been offered with this much discount, so don’t miss out on the chance to try out the latest skincare brand! (Follow @elmtofficial to learn what the researchers have to say about the products and ingredients) Read more detail about elmt here: Meet the New Brand “elmt”, Here to Break the Frame of Skincare  
    1. 4. Something Real Cute… Rovectin’s Special Animal Edition is Out 🐰🐶

Rovectin has always been one of the leading brands that not only emphasize cruelty-free and vegan skincare but also a brand that offers a great variety of products that helps with strengthening skin barrier and enhancing skin hydration. But did you know that Rovectin is already celebrating their 10th year anniversary? To celebrate a decade, Rovectin came up with something special and they decided to present it to the world for the first time through Wishtrend!    [caption id="attachment_683671" align="aligncenter" width="500"]rovectin animal edition product image Click onto the image above to check out the product details![/caption] Rovectin Cruelty-Free Message  Rovectin carved in 5 different animals on one of the best seller, the Activating Treatment Lotion. The 5 animals of their choice were the animals that are usually tested on for animal testing with the hope that all animals will be free of animals testing. They each have their own name and a storyline that you could enjoy as you enjoy your skincare! Note that you won't be able to choose among 5 different special designs but don't we all know that the unknown is what makes everything fun? 
  1. 5. Meet Nathalie (@itsyohomegirl) and Watch Her Journey on Cruelty-Free at Wishtrend TV 📺


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