New Arrival: Clear Skin FIGured with I’m From Fig Skincare

by Wendy Kim on Apr 12, 2020

Skincare that incorporates fruit as the main ingredient has been around for a while and beloved by many especially if one enjoys the fruit as itself. Different brands are in the hunt for fruits that are familiar to many yet unique when it comes to their skin benefits. Different fruits carry different ingredients, benefits and formulas, which is why searching for the one that can benefit your skin and help resolve the skin concerns you have, is quite a fun journey.The brand I’m From is renown for designing lines of products with natural ingredients, and not just any natural ingredients but some of the best natural ingredients found in Korea. From the Rice Line to the Honey Line, these lines of different natural ingredients have long proven how it targets different skin concerns and skin types. This time, I’m From also decided to turn to ‘fruit’ and their very first choice of fruit is ‘fig’, hence the very first launch of the year 2020, the fig line.

A little more about 'fig'

I'm-from-fig-insert-image-1When we think of fig, we often associate them with breads and jams. However, it is proving to be a fascinating ingredient for the skin. Fig (Ficus carica) is actually an Asian species of flowering plant.  They possess high polyphenols, omega fatty acids and vitamins (vitamin A, B1, and B2) and thanks to these ingredients, figs are prominently known for their significant antioxidant properties. Fig in skincare..- is a source of great antioxidants- enhances skin’s hydration (prevents water loss)- fades dark spots - improves skin tone- calms skin’s redness

Clear Skin FIGured with I’m From Fig Skincare

I'm From decided to launch three products with fig as their main ingredient and it is targeted to help you achieve 'clear skin'. Whether used all together in a single routine or separately, you can expect 1) delivery of antioxidants, 2) hydrating finish on the skin, 3) removal of dead skin cells and 4) enhanced skin's texture.

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[caption id="attachment_187031" align="aligncenter" width="500"]im-from-fig-insert-image-2 [I'm From] Fig Line[/caption] 

I'm From Fig Cleansing Balm

The Fig Cleansing Balm will be the very first cleansing balm product on Wishtrend. Formulated with 7.8% of fig oil water, it is designed to effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil off at the end of the day. At first scoop, it feels like sherbet then gradually transforms into a oily formula when massaged onto the skin. This would be the ideal cleansing choice on days when you have heavy makeup on or to gently remove dead skin cells. When washed off with lukewarm water, it transforms into a milky texture, leaving skin with a hydrating finish. • Ingredient: Fig oil water 7.8%• What to expect:
  • ✓ Sherbet texture.
  • ✓ Perfectly removes dirt and makeup residue.
  • ✓ Smooth and moisturizing finish with Peptide and Amino Acid
• How to use: 
  • 1) Add a scoop of the cleansing balm on the palm of your hands.
  • 2) Using the finger tips, massage it onto the skin.
  • 3) Massage for a minute and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • * Focus on areas with heavy makeup (eyes & lips)

I'm From Fig Scrub Mask

The Fig Scrub Mask is, just like the name implies, designed for effective exfoliation thanks to the combination of fig powder and black sugar. Wash-off masks are generally recommended to be used after first cleansing and before getting into your skincare routine for clear skin. This will help to cleanse and purify the skin so that your next skincare steps with active ingredients and hydrants can better reach the deeper layers of the skin. • Ingredient: Fig powder 1.2% + Black sugar• What to expect:
  • ✓ Effectively removes dead skin cells. 
  •  While Fig powder dissolves dead skin cells, the Black Sugar puffs it away for better results. 
• How to use: 
  • 1) Apply the mask evenly on the face or on the areas where you need extra exfoliation.
  • 2) Leave it on the 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • * Try using the Fig Wash Off Mask before other non-exfoliating I'm From wash-off masks (ex. Honey Mask, Ginseng Mask) to enhance the effects.

I'm From Fig Boosting Essence

Fig Boosting Essence, is designed to hydrate and smoothen rough skin. If you struggle with dry, flaky and rough skin, this would be an ideal first step of your skincare routine. The hydrating property of fig helps to deliver moisture into the skin while it helps clear excessive oil and dead skin cells.• Ingredient: Fig extract 62.7%• What to expect:
  • ✓ Lightweight texture quickly absorbs and hydrates the skin.
  • ✓ Using power of BHA combined with Fig extract, it makes smooth skin and preps the skin well for the next skincare steps.
  • ✓ Helps anti-aging with antioxidant effects of polyphenols found in fig.
• How to use: 
  • 1) Use it as a toner: Just like any other toners and layer it as much as you want. 
  • 2) Use it as an essence for a sheet mask: Soak a dry sheet mask with the essence and use it just like any other sheet masks. 
  • 3) Use it as a gentle exfoliating care essence: Soak 2-3 cotton pads with the essence and apply it onto the areas where you struggle with flakiness (forehead, nose, cheeks, and etc) and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes. 

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