Skin Brightening Tips, This is How You Do It the Right Way

by Hailei Kim on Apr 09, 2020

I don’t have acne but the scars from occasional pimples last for a long time, making my skin tone look uneven. Even after a while, I can surely tell where I had that pimple last month. That was rather a difficult problem for me because I could not pinpoint why I was so unsatisfied with my skin. I no longer had acne, the scars were so faint that I was the only one who probably noticed it, and my skin seemed to be moisturized and hydrated. I did not know why my skin looked so dim every time I looked into a mirror. Then I realized that it was the uneven skin tone caused by blemishes in my skin. And I immediately knew it was time to ‘brighten’ my skin. 

Brightening? Whitening? Lightening? 

skin brightening insert image 1Although we all have different concerns for our skin, the goal of skincare is always the same: having healthy, elastic and concern-free skin. Here is where ‘skin brightening’ comes in. Skin brightening is not simply making your skin bright and pigment-less. After all, we all have different skin tones and each love the color of our skin. Skin brightening exceeds the tonifying of uneven skin but is more about restoring the health of our skin, regenerating after damage, and making resilient skin. The process to brighten your skin does not only make your skin look younger but actually makes it younger by preventing it from premature skin aging. What does it mean to brighten your skin? Brightening in skin care usually means lightening. Although brightening is not synonymous to whitening, it does aim to make your skin vibrant and gleaming by getting rid of acne scars, dark spots, and any other darkness in your skin that could cause your skin looking uneven. Skin brightening is all about making your skin looking young and vibrant. 

How to do brightening right. 

0. Antioxidant

Skin aging process is accelerated by free radicals. Free radicals are generated in the skin by UV light and air pollutants and cause genetic changes to your skin. Antioxidant supplements restore the balance of your skin, preventing further premature aging. 

1. Always consider Vitamin C

Antioxidant supplements and skincare products are must-have items that you need to add to your skin brightening regimen. Among a wide variety of antioxidant options found in skincare, Vitamin C is the most common and well-known antioxidant ingredient. It has a long history of being a significant ingredient to fade acne scars, to brighten skin complexion, strengthen skin's barrier and the list goes on. The healing quality of Vitamin C is what aids the skin to produce more collagen and elastic, making the skin firmer and build stronger skin barrier.On top of that, there is the exfoliating power. With the combination of these two leading properties of Vitamin C, it is a great substance in preventing discoloration on the skin and hyperpigmentation caused from acne scars or sun damage. It is not hard to spot Vitamin C products on some of your favorite skincare brands. Vitamin C can come in various forms however, it is most commonly found in a water-based product, such as serums. The results you can expect of Vitamin C serums will vary according to the amount of percentage of Vitamin C in a bottle of serum and according to the list of combined ingredients. Find gentle Vitamin C serum on Wishtrend remember, Vitamin C is a acidic ingredient, so if you struggle with sensitivity and if you are having a day with irritated skin, make sure you test it out sufficiently beforehand or start gentle

2. Follow up with Vitamin E 

The effectiveness of Vitamin C can also maximize with the support from Vitamin E. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that also fights free radicals. Vitamin E has thick consistency and is commonly found as ingredients for oil-based products. Applying Vitamin E cream as the last step of skincare can help the skin regeneration process overnight, creating a healthy barrier around your skin. Vitamin E is also known for its anti-inflammatory nature, which can help soothe and hydrate your skin. "Vitamin C works optimally on the surface level, whereas vitamin E is oil-soluble so it goes deeper, so when used together, you’ll get the best of both worlds. So try adding a Vitamin E moisturizer after the application of Vitamin C serum and enjoy the long-term effect of the combination of the two!" (2019, Ingredient Lookbook: Vitamin C) If you have dry skin, you would definitely benefit from adding Vitamin E to your nighttime skincare routine thanks to its hydrating property and its ability to attract and retain moisture in your skin. Since it is easy to spot Vitamin E creams with thicker consistency, oily and acne prone skin tends to stir away from it. Look for Vitamin E creams that come in gel types or that leaves a light finish on the skin when applied. Pair Vitamin C & Vitamin E on Wishtrend

3. Not a cliche, sunscreen

Antioxidants can help regenerate your skin by neutralizing free radicals and slowing the process of skin aging but it cannot protect your skin from damages from the sun. In fact, the best way to protect your skin from any damages is only through less sun exposure. Here’s where sunscreen comes in. Sunscreen may seem like a cliche but it’s the most effective way to protect your skin from free radicals. Apart from acne, sun damage and irritation is another main cause of pigmentation and dull skin. That is why taking preventive measure  is a must. Regardless of the sesason our skin is always exposed to UV rays. Just because you are indoors doesn't mean you are safe from the rays. Make it a habit to add a layer of sunscreen before you leave your house and in between the days. To learn more about the proper way to apply sunscreen, click here.Find the sunscrreen for sensitive skin on Wishtrend

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