The New Cleansing Oil from Klairs is Lighter, Easier & Fresher

by Wendy Kim on Sep 13, 2020

   Gentle Black Cleansing Oil from Dear, Klairs has been on our vanity to make our daily cleansing easy and effective for years now. Just like the name of the cleansing oil implies, It really enhanced the deep cleansing experience for us as it not only effectively removes and dissolved heavy makeup but also helps cleanse pores. (even better when paired with the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish) ▶︎ Read the myths & truths about cleansing oil and oil cleansing So, why did Dear, Klairs decide to come up with a completely new bottle of a cleansing oil? Why is it and how is it different from the original one that we are so used to? Lightweight, silky smooth and fresh, meet your new favorite cleansing oil 
 Let's start with the WHY. Why did the team at Dear, Klairs decide to come up with a fresh new bottle of cleansing oil?  To put it simple, it was to offer the customers a wider range of cleansing oil choices according to their preference and general or daily skin conditions.  The Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil is designed to:• feel more light and fresh on oily and sensitive skin • improve the cleansing experience for those who prefer 'scent-free'• make emulsification easier when met with water• simplify daily cleansing for those who wear less layers of makeup• effectively cleanse pores and control sebum• leave skin feeling fresh with no residue after cleansing• give a pleasant cleansing experienced with just 6 simple ingredients 

So, what 'oil' is it made out of?

When it comes to cleansing oils, learning the list of different 'oil' ingredients and its combination is crucial to have a better understanding of what skin and cleansing benefits you could expect with the pump!    KL-Gentle-Black-Fresh-Cleansing-Oil-IngredientsThe new Dear, Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil is consisted of 4 major types of oil: sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil and black current seed oil. Each of them merits the skin in different ways but when combined, you get a cleansing oil with 1) enhanced skin and pore cleansing property, 2) hydrating finish on the skin, 3) antioxidant care for different skin types and 4) fresh and gentle feeling on the skin during and after cleansing. 

Wishtrend Staff’s Review

  • *Read our staffs actual review on the new arrival to have a better understanding of the product before you get hands on it and try It yourself!

There's a fresh faced cleansing oil in town! 

I used to wear thick eye liners and the original Dear, Klairs cleansing oil really helped effectively remove makeup on a daily basis. However, with months of working from home and wearing masks, I started to wear less makeup which made me in the hunt for lighter cleansing routine and products. Just on time, the Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil was on the ready and it improved my overall cleansing experience during summer and less makeup days! It emulsifies in a glimpse of an eye, feels light and fresh during and after cleansing but still does its 'cleansing job' as effective as the original one! – Gina ***


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