How It All Started: Wishtrend Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

by Wendy Kim on Nov 25, 2019

Wishtrend decided to celebrate 2019 Black Friday extra special this year! We decided to launch a product very dear to our heart and the hearts of our customers, you Wishtrenders! The Rose Quartz Beauty Roller is finally here and this is how it all started.wishtrend-rose-quartz-beauty-roller-insert-image-1We have been keeping an eye on the popularity of jade facial roller for quite some time now. A lot of the staffs here at Wishtrend tried and tested out rollers from different brands and rollers made with different types of jade stone. The feedbacks from the staffs about jade rolling were highly positive with comments like...- it helps reduce puffiness- it makes lymphatic system massage easier- it works great with facial oils and serums
  • - it accelerates lymphatic drainage
- it cools down and massages face gently- it is easy to carry around wherever I go

The way to your heart, the way to create the perfect Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

There was a growing desire among the staffs to create our own beauty roller to share this experience with the customers. And on that note, there were growing requests about face rollers among our customers and subscribers of Wishtrend TV. This was the cue.  Instead of going straight into production, we decided to take time to create the perfect face roller in collaboration with our Wishtrenders, even if it meant taking a little bit more time. Making the face roller that not only looks good on your vanity but that actually enhances your skin care was important for us. So, we started talking - wishtrend-rose-quartz-beauty-roller-insert-image-2Initially, we had 3 different crystals in mind based on the crystals that had the most positive feedbacks from the staffs.The opal, rose quartz, and grey agate. More than 1,500 voted and more than half voted for opal on this first survey. However, soon our customers and the staffs realized that a lot of the opals found on face rollers weren’t actually authentic opals crystals. So, we had to ask again, with opalite instead of opal this time. Among rose quartz, grey agate, white jade and opalite, more than half voted for Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz it was, at last! 

Only rosy days ahead with Rose Quartz Beauty Roller.

wishtrend-rose-quartz-beauty-roller-insert-image-3Rose Quartz carries an elegant pink glow and is also known as the 'heart stone'. It symbolizes the planet Venus of love and beauty. In ancient Rome and Egypt, it was conceived as the crystal of beauty and youth and is still adored by many to this day for its healing energy. Having this beautiful crystal to work with, Wishtrend focused on the feedbacks. Thanks to the feedback from the customers and the staffs after trials of different products out in the market, we focused on the quality and the maintenance of the product.

We made sure -

1) the grip of the face roller was designed to make it easy for everyone to use2) the joints between the crystal and the handle were secure and not loose yet not too stiff 3) there is no fall out of debris of crystals due to frictions of gaps on the roller4) there are items that will help preserve the face roller in great condition 
  • - the cloth wipe was designed so that you can rest your roller on it. It prevents the roller from sliding and breaking. You can also use it to shine and wipe excess the roller after use. 
  • - the stone pouch was designed so that you can store your roller after use or to make it easy for you to travel around with it. The material of the pouch was handpicked carefully to work in different climates and temperatures. 
  • If you have been hesitant to get a face roller because you didn't have a clear idea on what to expect and how to add it into your skincare routine, this might be your call. The Wishtrend Rose Quartz Beauty Roller was careted with care at heart in collaboration bwetween the staffs of Wishtrend who care, and the customers of Wishtrend who doesn't hesitate to share their ideas and feedbacks. 

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