Klairs Daily Skin Water Comes in Two, What Should I Get?

by Wendy Kim on Nov 22, 2019

We love a brand when they offer multiple choices in the same skincare category curated for different skin types and skin concerns. It makes it easier and more effective for us to create a skincare routine specifically curated for my skin. And Klairs is one of those brands that make our skincare life easier and healthier.If you know Dear Klairs, you already know the fame of the Supple Preparation Facial Toner line. It has been ranked number 1 multiple times in different review sites and is one of the most highly seeked for facial toner around the world.Evene though the Supple Preparation line was enough to satisfy and cover different skin types, they went on and lauched the Daily Skin Hydrating Water line with two new faical toners!

“Skin is healthier where you water it.”

klairs-daily-skin-water-comes-in-two-what-should-i-get-insert-image-1When Klairs first lauched this two new addition, it wowed the crowds with the size! It is quite hard to find facial toners that come in 500ml but Klairs did it! They considered the needs among those who...
  • - empties bottles of facial toners too fast,
  • - are looking for a facial toner to keep skin hydrated all year long,
  • - loves layering multiple layers of toners in single use,
  • - uses facial toners to prep, cleanse, exfoliate and refresh skin.
  • (click here to learn about the daily skin water line as a whole)
The two different Daily Skin Hydrating Water facial toners definitely shares similarities. They are toners with no viscosity. They both feel like water on the palm of your hand and on your face and that watery texture makes it easy to layer it on the skin multiple times as much as you want. And both will leave skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. With just a texture, it might be hard to see the difference between the two, but let me tell you, they are different when it comes to ingredients, effects and more suitable for different skin types or suitable in different skin conditions.  klairs daily skin water comes in two what should i get insert image 2

"Skin hydrating green tea in a bottle, Daily Skin Hydrating Water"

The Daily Skin Hydrating Water, aka the #GreenTeaToner, comes in a white bottle and it will serve you with hydration. Think of it as a giant bottle of facial toner designed to deliver sufficient amount of hydration. It'll make sure your dry & dehydrated skin stay moisturized and prepped. It is made up with 45% of green tea water and we all know how green tea is great for acne,  delivers hydration and helps fortify skin's natural moisture barrier. Additional ingredients you might be interested in will be cocounut water and calendula water. They will ensure in-depth hydration and skin refreshment. Additional Tip! Apart from using it as your daily hydrating toner, try using them as the essence for you DIY sheet mask. With cotton pad you have at home, soak them sufficiently with the Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water and apply it onto areas where you need extra hydration. 

"Fresh skin refining cucumber in a bottle, Daily Skin Softening Water"

The Daily Skin Softening Water, aka the #CucumberToner, comes in a transparent dark gree bottle (just like the cucumber :p) and is designed for daily GENTLE exfoliation. Just like the green tea toner, with 45% of cucumber water, it ensures rich hydration and skin refreshment. But, with sugarcane extract and 0.15% small amount of citric acid, it makes it a gentle exfoliating toner. But unlike other exfoliating waters, it contains a very small amount of exfoliant and great hydrating and soothing ingredient, it makes it gentle enough to use it daily! So if you have oily skin yet have very sensitive skin, this will probably be the most gentle exfoliating product for you. klairs daily skin water comes in two what should i get insert image 3Additional Tip! If your skin often feels oily or flaky, try carrying the Daily Skin Softening Water in a bottle of mist! Keep it on your vanity for daily use, but pour some in an empty bottle and carry it around. It is refreshing and cooling making it a great face mist especially if you have oily skin. 

So what is it going to be? Green Tea Toner? or Cucumber Toner?

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