What is Antioxidant Skincare & Why is it a Must, Not an Option?

by Wendy Kim on Mar 01, 2020

‘Too much is as bad as too little’ - this also applies to skincare EXCEPT for when it comes to ‘antioxidant skincare’. We know it benefits the skin and we get attracted to products when we hear that it contains ‘antioxidant’ ingredients. But, what exactly is antioxidant and how does it benefit our skin? Also, what are some antioxidant ingredients worth adding in your vanity? antioxidant skincare insert image 1

So, what is antioxidant? 

Antioxidants are substances that help to protect the skin’s surface from damages caused by free radicals, environmental pollutants and UV rays. To put it simple, antioxidants protects the skin from various skin troubles. 

1) Anti-pollution: Green tea

Our skin is exposed to stressors not just every day but every minute and seconds. Whether it be UV rays, fine dusts, exposure to our hands and etc. These stressors lead to not just skin sensitivity and irritation but also dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles and lost in elasticity on the skin. Antioxidant ingredients work as ingredients to intercept these pollutants from affecting the skin through strengthening in skin barriers and prevent acceleration in skin aging. Green tea, whether served in a cup or served in a bottle of facial toners and cleansers, it is one of the most popular antioxidant ingredient. Try adding green tea in your cleanser to not only wash away impurities and dead skin cells but to purify and skin without losing much moisture.

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2) Elasticity & skin firmness: Propolis

With the pass of time, our skin loses vital substances which naturally leads to our skin losing firmness and elasticity. Without laser treatments or medical surgery, completely removing wrinkles and regaining elasticity is close to impossible. However, with antioxidant ingredients, it has been proven to slow skin deterioration and help plum the skin and delay formation of fine lines. Along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, 'propolis'  is a beloved antioxidant ingredient that also is considered to help with antiaging. You can spot products ranging from facial toners to moisutrizers that contains propolis more often in stores nowadays thanks to its significant moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. However, with high concentration of propolis, you can expect a significant skin firming and improvement in elasticity over time. 

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3) Brighter complexion: Vitamin C

There are antioxidant ingredients that improve dull skin tone and uneven skin texture making skin regain healthy-looking complexion. Ingredients like Vitamin C is one of the most popular antioxidant ingredient that is particularly effective for brightening the complexion of the skin. Even though Vitamin C is most popular as a effective exfoliating ingredient, it is also a fascinating antioxidant that protects skin from pollutants and help skin achieve brighter complexion. There are different ways to add Vitamin C in your skincare routine but is mostly found as serum products. For effective Vitamin C antioxidant skincare, look for Vitamin C serums with high-concentration Vitamin C formula.

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4) Skin soothng: Vitamin E

We know that when our skin is exposed to the sun without any protection, it can damage the skin to the cellular level making it dry, irritated and weakening skin barrier. Antioxidants stimulates blood flow in the skin which not only helps encourage skin cell regeneration but also relieves and soothes the skin. It is easy to spot products that clamins to 'soothe' and 'heal' the skin from sun damages and irritation but focus on the ingredient list.Vitamin E is worth adding into your routine for its significant moisturizing, skin brightening and skin soothing properties. It also helps to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier when used for a period of time. When it is paired with Vitamin C, it even helps Vitamin C penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin for enhanced effect. Try adding Vitamin E as a moisturizer in your routine to keep skin soothing throughout the day and night.

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