The Top 4 Ingredients for Hydrating Skin All Day !

by Lorena Jimenez on Feb 25, 2020

  All you Wishtrenders already know that ingredients are always more important than any marketing claim, that is why as always we give you a list of our favorite ingredients for each skin concern. In this case our top ingredients that deliver good skin hydration:  

1. Hyaluronic acid

Probably one of the king ingredients when it comes to hydration, hyaluronic acid is a great humectant that is able to retain up to 1000 its weight in water. Not only that but humectants and therefore hyaluronic acid itself have the ability to attract water from the environment and pull it towards the skin.That is why this can be a great ingredient for people that tend to get dry during the skin, as it will help keep the hydration for longer, hyaluronic acid reaches well into the skin, and due to all its qualities is able to hydrate and moisturize the skin from within without leaving the surface of the skin unattended. 

•  Best for :

Any skin type, it doesn't matter if you have dry or oily skin, if you are a teen or if your skin is starting to age, hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to have in your skincare routine. Just make sure that the formulation of the product is good for your specific skin type. 

• Choices on Wishtrend :

It is not hard to spot skincare products that contain hyluronic acid. Among Wishtrend products, there are two moisturizers that has become staples for many over the past years. Both from Klairs, a brand that really keeps their ingredient simple yet packed with essential ingredients to keep skin healthy.  Rich Moist Soothing Cream (with a cream cheese spread-like texture) and Supple Preparation All Over Lotion (with a very watery lotion texture) are some of my favorites. Great additions to bring hydration to the skin containing Sodium Hyaluronate, a derivative from hyaluronic acid that is formed by smaller molecules than regular hyaluronic acid, which allows the product to not only provide the same amount of hydration but also to reach even deeper into the skin. 


Rich Moist Soothing Cream



2. Vitamin E

Another all-time favorite, especially well known among aging skin types, is Vitamin E. Yes, Vitamin E is great to fight skin aging, but the truth is that it is also a great ingredient even for younger consumers, especially when used along with Vitamin C. Vitamin E will be a great source of long term skin nourishment that stays well on the skin while also helping strengthen the skin barrier, regenerate, and protect the skin. 

• Best for :

People with very dry skin, aging skin, and people who are constantly exposed to the sun 

• Choices on Wishtrend :

The Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is a great source of this ingredient that will help you hydrate and rebalance the skin´s oil-water levels with the help of some of its other key ingredients Niacinamide and Adenosine. And the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream will be a great addition for oilier skin types. (Read how these two Vitamin E moisturizers are different - and learn which wil work better for your skin) 


Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream



3. Honey

Honey one of those ingredients that shall never be forgotten, multipurpose and great for various things it never disappoints in terms of moisturization either. Honey is a natural moisturizing agent that will help rehydrate the skin but also keep the surface of your skin protected and fully moisturized. Due to its natural properties skin will not only stay hydrated for longer but also look more plump, soft and bright, so don't skip the honey on your routine. It does not matter if it is through beauty products or using real honey as an ingredient, the only important part is that formulation or/and quality of your chosen source of “honey-ness” is good, especially if you are looking to incorporate it naturally. 

• Best for :

Dehydrated skin who lacks moisture from within, and flaky skin.  

• Choices on Wishtrend :

- Honey Serum : One of my favorite in the list. one of my all-time and always favorites.  The Honey Glow Complex - which is the unique mixture of 7 active ingredients including honey will be delivered through the skin in the most comforting gel type serum. If you struggle finding the perfect serum in winter times or if you struggle with dry skin, highly recommend you try this.  - Honey Glow Cream : This is the cream that changed my thoughts on honey skincare in general. The impression I had for honey was - sticky, uncomfortable on the skin and thick textured. The Honey Glow Cream has the perfect creamy soft texture that leaves skin feeling hydrated and at ease with a nice touch of glow. If you struggle with irritation and dehydration, try locking in the moisture with this cream at the end of your skincare. 


Honey Serum



4. Panthenol

Panthenol is an ingredient commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and restorative properties that help heal the skin after irritation or damage, but what many people do not know yet is that it is also a great ingredient to consider in terms of hydration, in fact probably one of my favorites.Why? Because it is not only soothing and great to use even on sensitive skin types, but it is also a wonderful ingredient that promotes a healthy skin barrier, skin rejuvenation and grab your stuff… still a great moisturizing agent, one that not only is able to penetrate deeply into the skin but also shares similar qualities to other humectants. This ingredient widely used nowadays as an emollient will rock your socks with its long-lasting hydration and moisturization. 

• Best for :

Everybody, in fact, if you do not have any product containing Panthenol in your routine yet, I highly suggest you go get one ASAP.


• Choices on Wishtrend :

If you have oily or combination skin but still struggle with skin dehydration, try to get hands on the Vitamin Tree Water Gel. The cooling gel cream really helps to calm irritated dry skin and will deliver hydration into the skin quick without leaving the surface of the skin oily or slippery. The Polyphenol in Propolis 15% Ampoule is another be another good source of panthenol to add between your toner and moisturizer step. If you have acne prone skin and is seeking for a hydrating serum with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial care, the propolis ampoule is the way to keep skin hydrated and under control. 


Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule



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