Well-Aging Skincare for the Winter

by Claudia Christin on Jan 19, 2023

well aging skincare for winter

We cannot completely stop our skin from aging. What we can do is to take good care of our skin so it can age beautifully. Our skin may tend to look older when it's wintertime due to the dry weather. Since the colder season is just around the corner, we would like to share our tips on how to keep your skin looking young and hydrated throughout this colder season.

1. Look for thicker cream than the one you use on summer 

The air is low in humidity with the cold weather and extreme indoor heating system. A thicker moisturizer or more occlusive skincare products might be more needed in wintertime to give your skin the boost of moisture it needs.

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2. Apply face oil if needed

If you don’t feel like your moisturizer is enough, don’t worry! You can try mixing your moisturizer with any of your favorite facial oil. Just put a few drops of any botanical oil of your choice to your moisturizer, mix it or layer it for an optimized long lasting hydration.

3. Nourish your skin from inside

You need that hydration not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Besides, drinking enough water, try to Eat foods rich in healthy fats to help maintain supple skin.

4. Focus on hydrating your skin

It’s no secret that hydration is the key to healthy skin. You might need to level up your hydration game during the dry season and focus less on potentially drying active ingredients.

5. Don’t exfoliate as much 

You don’t want to buff too much of your skin barrier during this tough time. Your skin barrier is your first line of defense and you want to keep them intact at all cost. When you see your skin is flaking during the winter time, it may not actually reflect the dead skin cell. Instead it is a sign of dehydrated skin. Use a barrier-enhancing ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid to toughen their protection

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6. Don’t skip sunscreen!

This might be a common mistake you might be making too! Albeit the sky looks gloomier than summertime, the UV index during wintertime is still high. Sunscreen is the key to well-aging skincare!

Product recommendation: Dear Klairs, All Day Airy Sunscreen

7. Don’t forget your body

These rules aren’t exclusive for our facial skin but also for our body. 


Product recommendation: Dear Klairs, Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

Last but not least, ready to embrace the winter time with these 7 tips to age gracefully and take care of your skin throughout the season!

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