Honey, I Want Glowing Skin

by Lauren on Jan 16, 2023

honey to achieve glowing skin

The health and moisture levels of your skin’s natural barrier is essential for keeping your skin looking good!

But, how do you deeply moisturize your skin whilst making sure the water-oil ratio of your skin is maintained? A natural ingredient that we see in our daily lives, honey, is a fantastic choice.


Honey has a wide variety of uses with multiple benefits such as its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties - all of which are great when included in skincare.

Why HONEY? The Use of Honey in Skincare 

As mentioned, honey has many beneficial properties which make it ideal for skincare, let’s take a look at its benefits more closely.


Three of the medicinal benefits of honey mentioned: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties are what make honey a natural acne-scar lightener. Whilst its antibacterial properties may help prevent further acne formation, as it is an anti-inflammatory, it can reduce skin inflammation, allowing it to heal more quickly, with the antioxidants helping to repair damaged skin. For moisturization, honey is a natural humectant and therefore draws moisture from the air to the skin, keeping skin soft and hydrated!


Honey-containing products are multi-functional for getting beautiful and glowing skin, use the Honey Hydrating Package to benefit from this natural ingredient!

honey to achieve glowing skin
What's in Honey Hydrating Package​​?

The Honey Hydrating Package contains:

This serum contains a honey complex, Honey Glow Queen, which provides deep moisture to dry, damaged skin by adding a honey glaze layer to the skin as an ideal step before moisturizing.

This cream moisturizes deeply and strengthens the skin barrier, whilst maintaining the natural water-oil balance of your skin, working perfectly on top of the I’m From Honey Serum.

This mask is ideally used at nighttime as the final step in your skincare routine to soothe your skin and work on rejuvenating your skin so you can wake up glowing!

PLUS a FREE gift I'm From Honey Mask (30g) x 1

The Honey Mask is great to use at night because it soothes dead skin cells and removes whiteheads and sebum together, creating a good skin base for makeup the next day. This Package also includes Free Honey Mask Miniature that you can carry along anywhere.

Get that SPA feeling at HOME

The two masks work interchangeably or in perfect harmony as the final complimentary step to any evening skincare routine, great if you already have your skincare routine in check. Enjoy this wash-off mask duo for an at-home spa treatment feeling.

The ‘I’m From Honey Mask’ is also available in the Glowing Spa Care Set containing:

The Fig Scrub Mask contains fig powder and black sugar which act as gentle, natural exfoliants to remove dead skin by removing impurities. The ingredients also provide moisturizing properties with exfoliation, leaving your skin soft and hydrated!

Simply apply the I’m From Fig Scrub Mask as a thin layer all over the face, add another layer of the I’m From Honey Mask and leave for 10 minutes before washing your face with warm water.

These steps are a great way of adding moisture for glowing skin with simple and natural skincare products! If you think your skin may still need some extra help with moisture, try a mini humidifier to ensure you’re getting as much hydration as possible!

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