This Alcohol Free & Unscented Toner Could Save Your Skin

by bb on Mar 25, 2018

When it comes to managing sensitive skin, it can be hard to truly pinpoint the causes for skin irritation. For many, skin irritation culprits often are linked to harsh chemicals and alcohols in the skin care products that we use. However, for some of us with very sensitive skin types, the presence of fragrance and essential oils can be a major factor to skin irritation, yet these are usually the last suspects on our hit lists which generally only affect a small number of use with extremely sensitive skin.This Alocohol Free & Unscented Toner Could Save Your Skin Article Insert 1For those of us looking for a toner, finding a product that is truly suitable for extremely sensitive skin can proven to be rather difficult, especially if we are searching for a toner that is not only free from alcohol and harsh chemicals, but also free from all essential oils, natural fragrances and chemical fragrance. Which is why we have created not only an alcohol free toner, but now, a alcohol-free, fragrance-free and essential oil free toner to suit not only all skin types and sensitive skin types, but also those with extremely sensitive skin, especially to essential oils and fragrances.

Alcohol Free Toner

If your skin is sensitive to harsh toners and alcohol, then look no further than our original [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner. This back to back award winning toner is loved on a global scale by those who are seeking a toner that is hydrating, gentle on the skin and also alcohol free. Featuring key ingredients only that are formulated to tighten pores while restoring the skin's natural hydration balance, it’s no wonder this toner is one of our top selling products for years. Gentle and natural hydrating ingredients penetrate the skin after cleansing to richly nourish and hydrate the skin, making sure it is perfectly prepared to enhance the absorption of all your skin care products you apply after, all whilst removing left over cleanser, dirt and makeup from the skin when used with a cotton pad.This Alocohol Free & Unscented Toner Could Save Your Skin Article Insert 2[KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner: If you want to see detailed review of the toner, click the image above or click hereWhile this toner is alcohol free and suitable for all skin type, including sensitive, this toner does contain multiple essential oils. But amount of the essential oil included in the original toner is on a minimum level. The percentage of essential oil included goes down to a decimal point where it is hard to irritate the skin. And purpose of essential oil were to conceal the inherent scent of the materials used to create a toner. However, after Klairs realized that there are customers out there with extremely sensitive skin so that their skin even reacts to the smallest amount of essential oil, Klairs launched the exact same toner, but without the essential oil.

Unscented Toner & Alcohol Free Toner

When it comes to finding an unscented toner for your delicate skin, the hunt can prove to be one of the most difficult of all. Unscented toner and skin care products is very hard to find in the beauty world. Fragrances are generally added to skincare to add a marketing appeal to the product when brands have a target market as the scent will generally dictate the type of persons taste when looking for a brand they like. These types of fragrances are generally chemical based. But in recent years, many brands have moved to a more natural approach and instead use natural fragranced such as essential oils which have less of a negative impact on the skin.However, on the negative side of the spectrum, essentials oils can sometimes cause irritation on the surface of the skin for those with sensitivities. Which is why we listened to the needs of our customers and created the [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner as a Unscented Toner and Alcohol Free Toner. To make it an unscented Toner, we removed the 6 essential oils in the formula to better suit our customers who want to enjoy all the benefits of our renowned Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, without the concern of irritation. Although our original formula is suitable for sensitive skin and safe to use, we wanted it to be even more safe so even those with extremely sensitive skin and those sensitive to scents can also enjoy it! But don’t worry, if you loved the original formula, you can still get it as the new Unscented Toner is an addition to the Original. You can still enjoy your favorites toner or choose the option to try the Unscented Toner version. This Alocohol Free & Unscented Toner Could Save Your Skin Article Insert 3

So What is Your Pick?

Now you will have two different options you can choose but enjoy the same level of goodness that our Klairs toner has always offered. [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner for those who are looking for enhanced hydration with a slight hint of a pleasant lavendar scent and [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Unscented Toner for those with extremely sensitive skin that wants full hydration without any essential oil. Take a pick and prep your skin in the most gentle and hydrating way!This Alocohol Free & Unscented Toner Could Save Your Skin Article Insert 4

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