4 Basic Teen Skincare Rules to Keep in Mind Before Too Late

by Wendy Kim on Mar 27, 2018

Teen skincare? Does it sound familiar to you? Well it's not too hard to find teenagers wearing makeup but not only that they are good, like professionals. But what you might be missing is as much as the world of makeup is fascinating and interesting, the world of skincare is what you shall never forget and consider before it's too late. Skincare might not seem as interesting or colorful as makeup but, one thing for sure is that once you give more consideration on skincare, your makeup time will be so much more fun because you have a clearer and healthier palette of skin to play with! So let's take a look at some of the basic teen facial rules to not forget before you go deeper into the vast world of skincare.Watch the full video about "Teenage Skin Care Tips | What To Do And Not To Do for Teen Skin | WishtrendTVteen-skincare-insert-image-1

The earlier the merrier

While adults generally have a better sense of what skin type and concerns they have about skin and products and ingredients that works effectively for their skin, teens barely even know what skin type they have and which products are out there. However, it's also the age when we first encounter with hormonal acne and other skin problems. There are different ways to treat different skin concerns, but first and foremost, if you are a teen new to skincare, remember the basics of teen facials first.

1. Double cleanse but carefully

Especially if you are a teen wearing makeup, double cleansing is a must. And epsecially if you are well aware of the importance of applying susnscreen, double cleansing is a must must. Removing is so much more important than appyling and adding when it coms to skin. It's not that you have to double cleanse every single day but on days when you applied both sunscreen and makeup or heavy makeup, it's a must.- Q1) When do I double cleanse?You don't have to double cleanse every single day but don't forget to double cleanse whenever you wore both sunscreen and makeup or whenever you have heavy makeup on. Without double cleansing, it would be very hard to remove all the makeup, unecessary waste and dirt off from the face and pores.- Q2) How do I double cleanse?There are different ways you can double cleanse, but either start with a gentle oil based cleanser and then continue with a regular mild foaming cleanser. This will make it effective to first remove sunscreen or makeup off from the face.- Q3) Any tips on double cleansing?Never forget to choose a gentle claenser no matter what type it is. Your skin will feel whether the cleanser leaves your skin feeling dry or hydrated and comforting. Also try using your fourth finger when cleansing for less irritation but yet effective cleansing routine.Product recommendation:4 Basic Teen Facial Rules to Keep in Mind Before Too Late Article Insert 1Name: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

2. Get used to controlling sebum

Controlling sebum? This might sound complicated and hard o achieve but this is just another expression for 'exfoliation' and 'hydration'. When you make 'exfoliation' and 'hydration' your best friend, you will be free from many of the skin troubles that teens encounter. Built up dead skin cells and lack of moisture on the skin are the biggest reason for breaking out. You would never want to block your pores or let oil flowing out due to lack of moisture on your skin.- Q1) How do we control sebum?There are many different ways to control sebum; through proper consumption of food and through skin care. But for skincare, 'exfoliation' and 'hydration' are two keywords to remember.- Q2) What's the best way to exfoliate?Since you are a teen new to skin care, you might not be used to conducting the most effecitve way to exfoliate your skin (since there are variety of ways to exfoliate according to skin types and conditions). For our teens, start easy. Try using a wash off type mask with the help of ingredients such as 'volcanic clay'. All you have to do is apply it and wash it off with luke warm water after around 15 minutes. This will effectively remove dead skin cells and control oil level on the face.- Q3) How often should we exfoliate?This will differ according to skin types and conditions but generally once or twice a week will be enough for our teens and we recommend it to do it at night time routine. But if you have oily skin and on days when you feel like your pores are clogged, you can additionally exfoliate your skin, but gently.Product recommendation:4 Basic Teen Facial Rules to Keep in Mind Before Too Late Article Insert 2Name: [I'M FROM] Volcanic Mask

3. Be friendly with 'lighter but hydrating'

Never be tricked by the idea 'heavier the more hydrating'. Especially if you are a teen that just started with skin care, be familiar with products that are lightweight and gentle but that is still hydrating. This is not just restricted to moisturizers (cream) but also toner, serum and sun lotion. The lighter, the more comfortable your skin will be feeling. When you can leave your skin feeling relaxed but still deliver hydration effectively, you are half way done with a great teen facial routine!- Q1) How do we know if it's a light but hydrating moisturizer?You can simply find out whether a moisturizer is light or not by first applying it on your hands. Add a little amount of the cream onto your hands and gently apply it using your fingers and see how fast it absorbs into your skin but yet leaving your skin hydrated. But if it leaves your hands feeling oily or sticky, it might be more on the thick and heavy side.- Q2) Can we layer skincare products (toner, serum, moisturizer) when we feel more dry?Yes! As long as the texture allows us to, you can layer them as much as you want up to the level your skin feels hydrated. But it's so important to find the product that absorbs effectively and has the ideal texture of layering so that it won't leave your skin feeling burdensome.- Q3) What are some of the hydrating ingredients to keep in mind?Beta Glucan, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Cereamides and etc.Product recommendation:4 Basic Teen Facial Rules to Keep in Mind Before Too Late Article Insert 3Name: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

4. Protect the skin from the sun (life time rule)

This is not only restricted to teen facial rules but for all ages. One of the biggest factor for aging, wrinkles, skin disease and even skin cancer is due to sun rays. As much as sun rays play an important role in providing us with Vitamin D, it can be deadly to our skin as well. And there is only one way to protect our skin from it. Sunscreen! Never forget to apply sunscreen before you head out regardless of the weather and seasons.- Q1) What is the ideal SPF level to apply on a daily basis?SPF level varies among different sunscreen and brands but for our teens who wish to get hands on a sunscreen that will work gently and effectively on a daily basis, SPF 40/ PA++ will work well as long as you make sure to apply it every 3-4 hours.- Q2) What do we have look for when choosing a sunscreen?Especially if you are teen that puts makeup on, you would never want to apply thick sunscreen and then heavy makeup on. Look for sunscreen that has light and refreshing texture (and with a good level of SPF protection). If you have sensitive skin, take a careful look into the ingredients as well. There are sunscreen with calming ingredients like centella asiatica (gotu kola) which is not only great for cooling but for calming irritated skin.- Q3) How often do we have to apply sunscreen?If you think that you are safe for the whole day after applying sunscreen once, Carry it with you and apply it every 3-4 hours during day time!Product recommendation:4 Basic Teen Facial Rules to Keep in Mind Before Too Late Article Insert 4Name: [KLAIRS] Soft Airy UV Essence

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