The Long Lasting Cushion, Klairs Cushion Whenever

by Wendy Kim on Sep 09, 2019

Great news! Klairs is finally here with a new makeup product! It’s been a minute since Klairs has come up with a makeup product since the Mochi BB CushionThis launch is even more exciting because Klairs is releasing not just one but 3 different shades of the cushion! Cushion products have become a staples among so many now! Everyone will at least own 1 cushion products in their pouch. It’s not just easy to carry around but helps you fix makeup in between whenever you need a touch up. It has made our lives easier! So what makes Klairs new Cushion Whenever different from other thousands of cushion products out there?

The Cushion Like No Other


A. Not just 1 but 3 different shades of cushion

The Klairs Cushion Whenever is an exciting addtion to the brand since it is offered in 3 different shades unlike the previous base makeup products that have been released so far. The 3 shades comes as, from the lightest, 21C Rosy / 21N Linen / 23W Ecru. All three shades are light-weight on the skin and when applied, it gives skin a natural glow yet a flawless and completed makeup look. Klairs is excited to come up with 3 different shades for the first time, however, that is not the best part![caption id="attachment_23799" align="aligncenter" width="745"]long-lasting-cushion-insert-image-5 Klairs Cushion Whenever (3 different shades)[/caption]

B. 2 Different puffs for 2 different looks! 

The Klairs Cushion Whenever is extra special compared to any other cushion products out there in the market because it comes with 2 different types of puffs when you purchase one snigle cushion! 2 different types of puffs are each called, the daily puff and the cover-up puff. These two different applicators give skin two different looks, or I must say, two different makeup finish on the skin!

daily puff


cover-up puff

long-lasting-cushion-insert-image-6As the name of each puff implies, when the foundation is applied with the 'daily' puff, it gives skin a very natural and sheer look with a natural glow! When applied with the 'cover-up' puff, you'll get to have a more velvety finish with a higer coverage! So according to what you feel like and what occsaion you are getting ready for, rather than reaching out for different foundation products, all you have to do is switch up the puffs without replacing your foundation! You can see how this will make your life not only easier but also more dynamic and diverse on a day to day basis!

C. Lightweight on the skin, lightweight in the mkeup pouch! 


This cushion Is a light-weight multifunctional, slim and portable cushion foundation that you can use on whenever, wherever. It is lightweight but also buildable, so if you need that extra layer for higher coverage or enhanced perfection, you can always layer in the beginning of a day or in between the day whenever you wish to fix makeup. Having the SPF 50+ PA+++ makes it even better!

Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend

"This cushion has replaced my liquid foundation!"I was more than excited to find out that it comes in 3 different shades because even though I loved the Mochi BB Cushion the tone didn't perfectly fit me. But having wider choice for colors, it was already a plus! Loved that it is long lasting and loved how it turned the skin velvety with a great amount of coverage! - Sally, Web Developer at Wishtrend"The natural sheer, the natural glow"Loved how the cushion comes with 2 different types of puffs because I can switch up my makeup look however I want! Loved how the cover-up puff enhanced the coverage and added a natural glow with brighter complexion. It doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable yet still lasted long so that I didn't really have to fix my makeup during the day time. - Juhee, Klairs Domestic Marketing Manager

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