6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin

by Wendy Kim on Jun 27, 2019

How many of you reading this are teens! I know that we have a lot of teen viewers, but if you are in your teens get extra excited for today’s read because you are about to learn some of the most skin-saving tips you could ever get!We always get so many questions from our teen subscribers and the following are some of the most frequently asked questions.Teens are most curious about...
  • how can I get rid of acne?
  • how can I deal with oily skin?
  • how can I take care of pores?
  • how can I keep my skin moisturized?
  • how can I get rid of dark spots?
  • how can I calm down my skin?
The questions are not restricted to just one skin concern or category, but it varies. However, suggesting teens to purchase more than 10 products or to slather heavy and intense skincare products are never a solution when it comes to taking care of teen skin. (Even for adults, when it comes to skin care, 'more the merrier' doesn't always rule!)So, if you have any or at least one of the same question as above, make sure to continue with today's read to take away some tips on how to curate the perfect skincare routine that your young but troubling skin needs!6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Concept Image 1*Don’t worry even if you are not a teenager! This carefully curated skincare tips and routine is not just for teens but anyone with questions like above or is searching for key skincare tips and simple routine that fulfills the basic care the skin needs!

Question 1. Everyone is recommending me with different cleansers, so now I'm confused... What is one rule that I should remember when choosing a cleanser?

We've been told many times, how much important cleansing is. Everyday, our skin is exposed to external pollutants and excesses that floats out from our skin (like sweat and sebum). If left uncleansed, it will block your pores and we know how blocked pores can lead to multiple skin troubles and even acne.But we are faced with the challenge of having to choose one good cleanser that will work best for our skin among thousands of cleansing products!

Rule 1. Be familiar with low pH cleansing

To make it simple for you, there are mainly two different types of cleansers in terms of pH level: alkaline vs low pH cleansers.Our teen friends easily fall for cleansers that makes rich foam! However, don't let the fluffiness of the foam fool you! Because the more bubbles a cleanser makes, the higher pH it might be.Usually, alkaline cleansers leave skin feeling super fresh feel on the skin after cleansing, but don't be fooled because this feel is a disguise of turning the skin very dry. And when a cleanser washes your natural moisture layer off from the face, your skin barrier can easily lose balance and be weakened.And when you are still in your teen or if you have sensitive skin, this can be even more irritating and stimulating on the skin. But unlike alkaline cleansers, low pH cleansers doesn't.There's a lot of misconception about low pH cleansers because they tend to leave the skin feeling less fresh than alkaline cleansers, but start getting used to this hydrating feel after cleansing because this means your skin is not stripped off of moisture barrier.6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 1

*Tips for the perfect cleansing:

Whenever you cleanse, make sure you don't rub the product off on the skin for lathering. Make sure to lather it well enough on the palms of your hands or use a cleanser that pumps out rich foam. And try to use the tips of your fourth fingers than using your palms to cleanse the skin. This will add less stimulation on the skin so when it comes to using your hands on the face, always try to be gentle.

Question 2. Once I have acne, is acne marks and pigmentation inevitable?

One of the top skin concerns our teens have is.... ACNE.Pimples and acne is preventable if you take the right preventive measures, but once the pimples are out, the trouble starts.Once you have a pimple, I know it gets stressful but you should quickly move onto thinking of the way to now prevent 'acne scars' and the area be 'pigmented' or turn into 'dark spots'.The biggest struggle our teens have is having a hard time keeping hands away from pimples and if worse, even end up popping them! Then what is left for you is dents on the skin, irritation and scars!

Rule 2. Prevention always comes first

It's too early to give up hopes though! There is a brilliant item that will keep you troubled spots safe from external stimulation and pollutants!Look for transparent patches that covers your spots and this will protect the red spots safe and sound from external stimulation, pollutants, and makeup! And this accelerates the healing process aka, no scarring.So, if you wish to enter your 20s with healthy skin, make sure you keep these patches on your vanity and you'll thank me for this because you'll find yourself using them more often than you imagine and you'll find them handy in many many times.

6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 2

*Tips on how to use these skin saving patches:

Make sure you apply the patch over a clean skin. The area you wish to apply the patch should be clear with no oil or products over it and this is to not only maximize the benefit the patch can give but also to prevent the patches from peeling off. And when you peel off the patch from the plastic holder, we suggest you be gentle to not ruin the patch even before applying it.

Question 3. Oily skin bothers me...and it's summer now...How can I treat this?

A lot of teens easily panic when skin gets oily! And because they don't know what to do, they commit making mistakes that can even make the skin oillier and damaged! For instance, they rush to the bathroom and cleanse the skin harshly to remove the oil layer off the skin, use products that contain alcohol, or end up harshly using oil papers all over the face.ALL TERRIBLE MISTAKES!

Rule 3. 1°C cooler, less sebum, less oil on the skin!

Did you know that one of the ruling reason of having excessive sebum and oil is heated skin? When the temperature of the skin rises, pores enlarg and this can either secret more oil or makes skin dry. And when skin gets dry, the skin tends to produce more oil to protect the skin, so deep hydration is very important.So the great way to prevent this domino of oily skin, is to cool down the skin whenever it is heated or irritated and give soothing & hydrating care. Whenever the weather gets hot or humid, having a cooling & soothing care in your routine will help skin keep its optimal oil and water balance.6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 3

Question 4. My skin gets dry during the daytime, how can I keep my skin hydrated longer without applying more cream?

This is probably not only a problem for teens but it is a life long challenge we face! It feels like we've moisturized the skin well enough in the beginning of the day but why does the skin feel dry every time the clock hits 2pm?But because we already have our makeup on or have sweated, it is always hard to add moisture onto the skin. Especially when it is summer, we don't even want to imagine applying cream over the face during the daytime.

Rule 4. A good moisturizer will leave skin hydrated and comfortable all day long

If you don't want to struggle with skin feeling dry, number 1 rule is to "take time" with a "good" moisturizer and "lock in" the moisture in your morning routine!Ample miniaturization in the morning is key to long lasting hydration but that doesn't necessarily mean to slather a thick layer of cream all over your face. There is still a way to keep skin feeling moist with just the right amount of cream. But the key is to invest a good amount of time in locking in moisture all over the skin.Make sure to first pick out a moisturizer that has a good consistency and a great balance between oil & moisture level. This will be a great tip to choose a good moisturizer and avoid from using thick texture because this will leave skin feeling uncomfortable or sometimes even heated. And since moisturizer is the last step of skincare (before sunscreen) make sure you take time to let the product be absorbed all over the skin without missing a spot and wherever you feel you need more hydration, make sure to fill them in with hydration!6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 4

Question 5. How can I end my morning skincare routine?

Let me answer to the question right away first. SUN PROTECTION. SUNSCREEN! I can't emphasize enough of the importance of sun protection. If you can only choose 1 product to a stranded island, I suggest you take your sunscreen! Yes, this is how much sun protection is important for the skin. And this is a habit to abide by from your teenage years.

Rule 5. Sunscreen, spring, summer, fall & winter

At all times, give your skin a good layer of sun protection. Whether you put makeup on or not, adding a sun protection product with SPF and UV protection is how you should always end your last step of morning skincare routine.After you sufficiently and effectively moisturized your skin, add a good amount of sunscreen all over your face without missing any spot. There are many different types of sun protection products out there, so it will be very important to find the one that works well for you without any irritation.When a sunscreen is light as a cream and is easy to apply, it makes everything much easier. The recommended amount of the amount of the sunscreen will be the size of your length of an index finger.6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 5

Question 6. What do I do when my skin feels sensitive after a day?

There are times after a long day out under the sun or after PE classes, when our skin feels extra sensitive and becomes red. And many of us, including myself have experience splashing ice cold water all over the face as an emergency solution. But dramatically changing the temperature of the skin or harsh splashes of water onto the face can actually sensitize the skin even more! This is not the solution to sensitive skin!

Rule 6. Give skin calming care with GOTU KOLA

If you have sensitive skin, there's an ingredient you might want to remember for good. I've talked about this ingredient so many times that those who know will already know. The ingredient is called 'centella asiatica' aka gotu kola or tiger grass.6 Ultimate Skincare Tips for Teenage Skin Video Thumbnail 6This is probably one of the most popular and favorable skincare ingredient among 'sensitive skin' because of its skin healing, repairing and barrier strengthening ability. You can find this holy grail ingredient in many different form. You can find them in a balm type product, in sheet masks or even toner products. But one of the easiest way to add this calming & healing ingredient is to apply it as a cream. This way, you can control the amount you need either it is all over the face or specifically onto areas that you feel extra sensitive.

The Korean Skincare Beginner Kit for Teen Skin


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