Summer Super Sale with Your Favorite Summer Skincare Essentials 2021

by Wendy Kim on Aug 01, 2021

Summer Super Sale Banner Editorial Click onto the banner to check out the full Summer Super Promotion page[/caption] We got into 2021 summer imagining that everything will go back to normal just like the pre-Covid times and that we would be flying to our dream destination for summer vacation. But it seems like with rising cases globally it will take a little longer until we get to truly enjoy summer. But don’t be too sad because Wishtrend is here to lift up your summer spirit with another BIG Sale of the year!  

Say Goodbye to Summer, Keep the Summer Glow with Wishtrend

Wishtrend is back with another BIG Sale of the year! And just to make sure we can all say proper farewell to 2021 summer hoping for a better summer next year, Wishtrend is hosting the Summer Sale Promotion for 2 full weeks unlike their usually week long promotion! Make sure to learn all the details about the Goodbye Summer Super Sale and enjoy it to the fullest! 
  1. 🌞 Not to miss: GBYESUMMER for extra $20 OFF (Special Code)

Summer Promotion Coupon Code Image
 Did you have moments where you copy + paste or have a screenshot of a special discount code but never had a chance to use it or regret because you couldn’t use it in time? Wishtrend never wants to let the special code slip, hoping that everyone gets the chance to use them! As you fill in your cart with some of your favorite summer essentials and realize that you are over $150 and are over budget, don’t forget to use GBYESUMMER to get extra $20 OFF!  

🌞 Subscribe for Subscriber Exclusive Deals

The perk about Wishtrend is that you can not only find some of your favorite skincare brands but also come across a variety of skincare and beauty related contents through editorial, mailing and videos on Wishtrend TV. But did you know that you can have easier access to all of these contents if you are subscribed to Wishtrend? And this time it is not just about the contents, if you are subscribed to Wishtrend, you will be able to get a subscriber EXCLUSIVE discount which you’ll be able to find out through the exclusive link you can find in your mailbox! 


🌞 Bundles are always better: Set products up to 45% OFF

From Wish, Try, Love to Brand Package, you can find a variety of skincare packages that are specifically designed to answer to some of your skincare needs. During the Goodbye Summer Super Sale, check out some of the skin care bundles offered by Wishtrend that could possibly make your skincare life easier and more effective because they are up to 45% OFF! ➡️ Wish, Try, Love: If you want to find a full routine box for specifically for your skin condition (for detailed information read this)➡️ Brand Package: If you want to find a full routine designed with products from your favorite brand➡️ Wish, Recipe: If you want to find a simple step routine for specific skincare 

🌞 Summer Surprise? Check out the Secret Price Deal on August 9th

If you are reading this, you are in for a treat! From August 9th, there is going to be a surprise deal for 10 additional products! We don’t want to reveal the full list yet but there is a rumor that some of the best sellers like the Dear, Klair Supple Preparation Facial Toner and I’m From Mugwort Essence are on the list. Make sure to mark the calendar and unlock the additional discounts! ➡️ Make sure to subscribe to Wishtrend and follow @wishtrend to watch the Livestreaming on the Secret Price Deal  

🌞 The perfect time to get hands on the NEW ARRIVALS

Summer Super Sale New Arrival Editorial
 There has been a several new launches on Wishtrend for the past few months! From the Pear Line from I'm from to Rovectin's Forever Young Biome Ampoule, it got many excited for the latest addition. And with some of theses new arrivals, Wishtrend curated exclusive set products to help you complete a full routine with better deals! If you have been hesitating to try out new brands or new products from your favorite brand, this would be the perfect time to get hands on them with better deals! Who knows? You might get to find your new holy grail product.  

Some of the latest arrivals: 

➡️ I'm From Pair the Pear ➡️ I'm From Vitamin Fruit Serum ➡️ Rovectin Forever Young Biome Ampoule ➡️ Rovectin Healthy Skin Goal Set  

Top 5 Summer Skincare Essentials Brought to You by Wishtrend

Now sharing you with the top 5 summer skincare essentials to keep an eye on! They will not only make it a great summer skincare essential but will come in handy whenever you have skincare emergencies. From Vitamin C + E routine to a daily hydrating ampoule from By Wishtrend, check out the reviews pulled from the website!   

#1. By Wishtrend, Vitamin Junkie Package

By Wishtrend

Vitamin Junkie Package


#2. Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Smoothing Package

Dear, Klairs

Freshly Juiced Smoothing Package


#3. I'm From Starter Package

I'm From

Starter Package

  #4. By Wishtrend Hydra Enriched Ampoule
By Wishtrend

Hydra Enriched Ampoule



#5. Dear. Klairs Any Time Routine Care Set

Dear, Klairs

Any Time Routine Care Set

Drop here!

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