Skincare Tips for Body Acne: from Cleansing to Non-Skincare Tips

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Jul 26, 2021

 We have talked quite a lot about acne on our faces. Most people with genetically acne-prone skin must be familiar with not only facial acne but also body acne. The most common predominant areas are the chest and back. Although it might not be as visible as pimples around your face, they can be as frustrating and painful. On top of that, since summer is just around the corner, it can be pretty stressful to put on your best summer outfit. Let’s learn more about what are the common causes of body acne and how we can deal with it through our daily skincare routine!  

1. How does it form?

Just like pimples you have on your face, acne on your body is also caused by the buildup of oils, dirt, and dead skin cells on your pores that form clogged pores. The overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria inside this trapped area, followed by the inflammation process that is happening under our skin which causes the reddened painful zits on your body.   While a big part of them is genetics. There are some other additional causes for body acne that you might not realize such as : 

• Sweat : 

Working out and not showering straight after your workout. 

• Clothing :

Tight or non-breathable clothing that leads to more irritation. 

• Detergent :

The detergent you used on your acne may or may not be exacerbated by the type of cleaning detergent that you used to wash your clothes. 

• Hair Care Products :

When haircare products are not rinsed off properly, they may clog the pores and cause more irritation.  

2. Skincare for trunk acne

Let’s now get into the solution on what you can do to deal with those pimples to get yourself ready for the summer!   

A. Cleanser

It all starts with a good exfoliating cleanser. Find a cleanser with exfoliating or acne-fighting actives. It prevents dead skin cells from building up and at the same time helps to fade the leftover hyperpigmentation on your skin.    • Salicylic acid (BHA)• AHA: Glycolic acid, lactic acid, or lactobionic acid • Benzoyl peroxide  

B. Exfoliate 

You can exfoliate your skin weekly for a more thorough deep cleanse on your body area. It can be either a weekly wash-off scrub that you use before a shower or a leave-on exfoliating product. Just like the cleanser, it helps to prevent clogged pores and prevent future breakouts! Does it have to be a specific body-care product? Not necessarily.  

B-1) Exfoliating toner : 

You can just use any products that you use on your face for your body. You can just pour your products into a cotton pad and then wipe them all over your body.  For acne on your back area, make sure to ask for assistance so that you can get your whole back covered. You can also move your exfoliating products to a fine-mist bottle and spray them!  Sensitive skin tips: If you are struggling with acne and at the same time have sensitive skin, you can choose mandelic acid or PHA as an alternative.  

B-2) Exfoliating pads : 

This one can come in handy as you get your toner presoaked on a cotton pad. Sometimes the cotton pad itself can provide a physical exfoliation to your body.  

C. Moisturize 

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin especially after you exfoliate your skin. It is important to remember and keep the balance between removing the outermost layer of the skin while maintaining the integrity of our skin barrier.  Look for body products that are not too oily or occlusive on your skin, or even better with active ingredients that are targeted for your acne-prone body. Some of the ingredients you want to look for are retinol, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil.  

D. Non-skincare tips

When taking care of truncal or breakouts on your body, it goes way beyond your skincare. There are some other steps you need to take just to make sure that you’ve lifted all the possible causes. Here are some of the most common non-skincare tips that have changed Wash your body after you rinse off your shampoo/conditioner • Shower immediately after a workout• Use loose-fitting clothes• Be patient and consistent  

E. Other treatments :

If your acne is not going away after you have tried everything, go to your dermatologist to ask for further professional help from them. 

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