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by Wendy Kim on Oct 04, 2022


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"Learn continually, there's always 'one more thing' to learn!" - Steve Jobs

How is everyone's school going so far? Back to school season got everyone exciting especially this year, since a lot of the schools finally decided to re-open for in-person classes! From kindergarten level to college level, one of the biggest struggle that students have experienced during the pandemic for the past few years was taking classes virtually, not being able to attend school, and not actively interacting with friends. But now we are back in school and now we are back to spending extra minutes (or even hours) picking out ootds (outfit of the day) and doing our daily skincare routine! Let's go through some of the 'back to school skincare essentials' that will make your semester extra fun and glowing! 

01. Double to Fun with Bubbles! Use Gentle Cleanser for the Face

: Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

Who doesn't love a nice colorful bubble pop toy? If you ask anyone from all different age group if they have ever played with this bubble pop toy, the answer will probably be a yes! This is a great stress reliever that is small enough that you can carry it around anywhere, so why not keep one in your bag? Just like the bubble pop, you should always have fun cleansing! If you have been looking for a gentle cleanser you can use in the morning for fresh looking skin, look for a cleanser that is hypoallergenic and low ph level that pumps out in a gentle bubble foam! 


02. Jumbo size for hydration! Keep Your Skin Hydrated

: Soo Good Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad

Hydrated skin is the goal for this semester? Here are two items we would love to recommend you for hydrated and healthy skin all day long. 1. A jumbo size tumbler 2. a jumbo size quenched with essence toner pads. Keeping a good big tumbler is a great habit to have not only keep yourself hydrated but also to not waste a dollar and plastic for a water bottle. Along with the tumbler, keep a good hydrating toner pad that will refresh and add hydration every morning! Facial toner pads have been gaining so much love for the past few years now because it is easy to use and time & skin saving. Look for a good face toner pad that is generous in size and essence this semester to keep skin healthy & hydrated all day long!


03. Aiming for unBEETable scores & skin? Check Anti-Inflammatory Skincare Ingredients

: I'm From Beet Energy Ampoule

Now that you are back in school physically, are you looking forward to keep your academic works and scores back on track? To keep your brain working here are some good ingredients & tips we would love to share with you! 'Beets'. Remember how much Dwight from the show 'The Office' was obsessed with it? Beet is known to be a great anti-inflammatory & antioxidant packed source for our body in general. There are studies that drinking a cup of beet juice even helps with performance. Same for the skin! Adding beet into your routine will help skin revitalize and find balance. Try drinking a cup of beet juice and a beet skincare every morning to see the difference!


04. Post-it for note emergency, patch-it for skin emergency! Best Skincare for Teenage Acne

: By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch

If you have to name one item that you can never give up for preparing for a test or for note taking emergencies, it'll probably be the post-it. No matter how advanced our gadgets are, it seems like nothing can replace a good old post-it. Whenever you need a quick note, or are in a note taking emergency, post-it is there to help! Just like that, a good pimple patch (acne patch, however you call it) will always be your skin saving must-have item. Always keep it in your vanity or even your pouch you carry to school, because you never know when it'll come in handy. Whether you see inflamed pimple, or popped a pimple, or have irritated skin that you want to keep it safe pull out a seamless patch to prevent it from scarring! 


05. Safe under the sun inside & outside! Wear Lightweight Sunscreen

: Rovectin Deep Moisture UV Protector

Now that you don't have to do jumping jacks in your room through zoom and actually enjoy P.E class with your classmates in real life, you must be excited! And you must have a good pair of sunglass that you've bought to rock it to school! But wait a minute! Before you get too excited, don't forget to protect your skin from UV rays. Applying a generous layer of a lightweight sunscreenlightweight sunscreent forget that your skin still is influenced with UV rays through the windows. Try to keep and carry a lightweight sunscreen a good SPF level and you won't regret. 


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