The Unknown Story about Bakuchiol

by Claudia Christin on Sep 18, 2023

Details about Backuchiol

Bakuchiol — or the so-called natural alternative of retinol that is extracted from the seeds and leaves of Psoralea corylifolia (babchi plant)— is an interesting and rising ingredient. Many people are starting to pay attention to Bakuchiol, since it is claimed to provide a similar effect on the skin without the associated side effect. Let’s learn more about some fun facts related to bakuchiol that you should know about that may make you fall in love even more with this one plant extract.

Fun fact about Bakuchiol

Quick fun fact about bakuchiol :

  • Benefit : Antioxidant, Brightening, Well-aging, Acne-care

  • Who is it for : All skin type , All skin concern

  • How to use : Anytime, day and night

  • Pairs well with :Niacinamide, Peptide

Details about Backuchiol
Fun fact about Bakuchiol

#1 Bakuchiol has potential benefit for acne-prone skin

Bakuchiol has shown potential benefits for acne-prone skin. For their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and retinol-mimicking benefit to improve cell turnover, it shows promising potential to manage acne, although the response may vary for different people. 


#2 Bakuchiol is safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding mom

Unlike retinol and other retinoid derivatives that are not recommended to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, bakuchiol is considered safe and it can be an alternative care for anyone looking for safe ingredients to tackle acne, brighten and maintain well-aging care throughout their pregnancy journey.


#3 You can use it on your body

Bakuchiol is gentle for the skin but potent enough to help your body skin stay youthful and prevent photoaging. For anyone with sensitive skin and if you are prone to having eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis but want to keep their body age well, bakuchiol will come to the rescue while retinol can be too harsh or irritating for your skin.


Details about Backuchiol
Fun fact about Bakuchiol

#4 You can use them around the eye area

The skin on the eye area is thinner than any skin on the rest of your face, using Bakuchiol as a way to prevent early aging signs is presumably safer for any skin type. Although doing patch testing is still recommended for most of the time.


Choose a serum or cream that has a more emollient texture with Bakuchiol in their ingredients to use as an eye cream.


#5 The natural color of bakuchiol is yellow

Have you ever wondered why almost all skincare products with bakuchiol in them are yellow-colored? Even though most bakuchiol products are purple coloured in packaging since the flower of Babchi plant are purple in color, the natural color of its extracts is yellow.


The color of the extracts vary from yellow to light brown depending on the extraction process. Due to the presence of flavonoids, tannins, and polyphenols, it gives the characteristic color of the extracts. All these compounds are rich in antioxidant for the skin that help protect our skin from the damaging free radicals caused from our daily activities. 


Details about Backuchiol
Fun fact about Bakuchiol

#6 It is safe to use twice daily

Unlike retinol, bakuchiol can be used twice daily since it is a plant extract and does not have any photo-sensitizing/sensitive compound. Therefore, if you want to feel like you tried your best to get all of its benefits, you can use it twice daily!


#7 It is oil-soluble

Bakuchiol is not water-soluble so it's kind of hard to make it a water-based serum form. That's why it usually comes in a cream, serum, facial oils, or lotion forms. In their oil-based base, bakuchiol can be delivered effectively and absorbed by the skin allowing them to shine. 


If you see a transparent water-based serum, with no oil phase, no emulsifier but claiming to contain Bakuchiol, it may contain a water extract from the plant, but not Bakuchiol; at least at detectable concentration.


#8 Synergistic effect with niacinamide and peptide

They are complementary beneficial for the skin for similar, yet different reasons. 

Bakuchiol + niacinamide, Bakuchiol + peptides

The best combination for a well-aging care. It supports collagen production and increases skin firmness. It strengthen the building block of our skin and improve skin texture overtime


Which one of these fun facts that you have just found out? Don’t forget to check out our most favorite and loved By Wishtrend vitamin A-mazing bakuchiol night cream.


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