How to use the 6 step Correcting Post Pigmentation Clearing Box in multiple ways

by wishtrend on Nov 07, 2022

Now you know which products help with post-acne pigmentation care. You might wonder, how do I use these products for the most effective results? Follow the following steps and you will see game-changing results in 2 weeks!

AM Routine

AM Routine
  1. After cleansing with a gentle daily face wash or just with water, our skin needs to be prepped and hydrated with toner. Shake the rice toner so that the contents mix well, soak a cotton pad with it, and gently swipe across the face and neck for a refreshing start to the day!

  2. For extra hydration, apply a few more drops of rice toner on the palm and layer on the skin as an essence.

  3. For active vitamin c users, you can apply a few drops of vitamin serum on the skin after toner to help boost the protective effect of the sunscreen (make sure to apply sunscreen at the end otherwise the effect of this step will be voided). 

  4. Moisturize skin with a thin layer of the vitamin e mask. The refreshing citrus scent of the moisturizer helps lift up your mood! 

  5. Once the moisturizer is sufficiently absorbed into the skin, apply the all-day airy sunscreen over the face. This sunscreen has just launched this year and has become our best seller with its lightweight and airy texture, very breathable on the skin.

* For a simpler routine on busy mornings, skip steps 2 and 3!

PM Routine

PM Routine
  1. After double cleansing, attach the pimple patches to popped acne so that the patches can absorb all the gunk out over the night.
  2. Same as day time routine, prep the skin with the rice toner with a cotton pad to clean the remaining dirt on the skin and layer a few more drops as an essence for extra hydration.
  3. Apply 3-4 drops of vitamin serum over the face and compress the face with your palms to promote absorption. A warm, relaxed and comfortable sensation will be felt on the skin. For vitamin c beginners, start by using it 3 times a week and slowly increase it to every night. 
  4. Once a week, use a pack of the tencel sheet mask for moisturizing care. After carefully applying the mask on the face adhering to the skin, remove it after 15-20 minutes and pat the remaining essence over the face to promote absorption.
  5. Dispense an appropriate amount of the vitamin E mask and spread it over the face to promote absorption. When using the vitamin drop and e mask together, it increases the antioxidant network effects which help to reduce skin damage from sun exposure and free radicals, and boosts the brightening qualities of vitamin c.
  6. Apply the blue cream on areas that need soothing, especially on red blemishes as it has an amazing effect in reducing redness.

*To prep skin for an important day on the next day, at step 4, apply a thick layer of vitamin e mask as a sleeping mask. You will find your skin instantly brighter the next day. 

*After a long and tiring day, especially under the sun or after traveling, at step 5, apply another layer of blue cream on the skin to calm and soothe tired skin.

Here are just basic routines to guide you on how to start with this box. The truth is depending on the time of the day, personal preference, and needs, you can be creative and adjust the steps according to your own needs! Find out next what other tips our customers who purchased the box have to share!  

Do you have acne scars? Suffering from Pigmentation? Find all the best skincares together! This full routine revives dull skin while moisturizing the deep layers of the skin. Get these gentle yet effective products suitable even for sensitive skin.

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