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by darmawanclaudia christin on Jul 27, 2022

Summer is just around the corner! It’s time for us to get our sunscreen game strong in order to protect our skin from damaging UV rays. Using sunscreen is a great long-term skin-vestment for you. However, just applying one time in the morning may not be enough to get the best protection, especially if you are sweating in the summer.


What is the right way to re-apply sunscreen?

Here are some of my tips on how to get the optimal sun protection throughout the day:


1. Start with a solid base in the morning: 

Just like building a house, you have to start with a strong foundation, the same goes with your sunscreen. Start with a strong foundation early in the morning. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen (2 fat fingers long) early in the morning while our skin is still clean and fresh. This one skincare step is non-negotiable and is a good start for solid protection.

Choose a sunscreen with: 

• a lightweight texture yet moisturizing benefit to help keep your hydrated throughout the day

• a water-resistant trait 


All-day Airy Sunscreen


2. Reapply throughout the day 

Your sunscreen wears off with your daily activities. Sweat, friction, and sebum all of these components play a part in the protection of your sunscreen. However, I know that it can be such a hassle to reapply throughout the day. There is no absolute RIGHT or WRONG when it comes to ways to reapply your sunscreen. All that matter is that you feel comfortable and you’re all good!

2 Ways to reapply sunscreen: Makeup vs no makeup

Let’s explore some ways to reapply your sunscreen, you can play around and try some of these methods and find your favorite way to do it!

If you don't wear makeup:

When you don’t wear makeup throughout the day, you’re the lucky one! Since reapplying won’t be too complicated of a thing, you can just follow these few simple steps:

Step1. Choose one of the following: 

• sunstick (apply directly)

• sunscreen spray

• a regular sunscreen  

Step2. Before reapplying, wipe off, sweat, and any other residue off from your skin using one of the methods below: 

• wipe your face with micellar water and reapply

• Double cleanse (not recommended for dry / sensitive skin)

• Use blotting paper / tissue to remove any excess sebum 


If you wear makeup: 

If you want to reapply sunscreen on top of makeup, be sure to find a method that won’t rub off or drag around your complexion. None of the following methods provide “perfect” protection but it is still good to “top up” your protection, compared to nothing at all.

Choose one of the following: 

• sunscreen cushion 

• powder sunscreen

• spray sunscreen


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