Green Tea Toner & Cucumber Toner, Here for the Rescue!

by Wendy Kim on Oct 27, 2019

Klairs carries a wide range of skin care products with ingredients even suitable for sensitive skin types. And among the products in different skin care categories, their facial toner has long been one of their best steady seller of all time. It is known to be one of the best hydrating toner for sensitive skin. In fact, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner has reached 1 million bottles sold in July this year! Despite being the holy grail toner for many, Klairs went on and added the “unscented” version of the original toner, the Supple Preparation Unscented Toner (free of all essential oil) to make sure all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin and acne prone skin, have the opportunity to enjoy soothing & hydrating benefits of the toner without any burden on the skin! ...Well...Guess what! It seems like Klairs won’t stop its journey until they make sure everyone on this planet has hydrated skin. Klairs is adding 2 new daily hydrating toner, and they are HUGE!

“Skin is better where you water it”

Green Tea Toner & Cucumber Toner, Here for the Rescue Insert Image 1Among the products in your skin care routine, toner will probably be the item that you use the most generously on a daily basis. As the very first step of skincare (after cleansing), toner makes sure 1) the skin feels hydrated and also 2) helps remove any remaining residues or dead skin cells when used with cotton balls or pads.Just like the saying, the grass is greener where you water it, the skin is better where you water it. This is where the idea of introducing 2 new alcohol free toner came about. Klairs decided to make it HYDRATING & LARGE. And considering how our skin conditions can change day to day and how we change up our routine according to the skin’s need, Klairs chose two different ingredients to serve two different purposes on your skin! 

Splash, Sweep, Hydrate - Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water

Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water (#GreenTeaToner) is designed to splash your skin with hydration in the lightest and the most refreshing way. Unlike the original Klairs toner, the texture is very watery. With 45% of Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water (Green Tea Leaf Water) as the key ingredient, combined with Cocos Nucifera Water (Coconut Water) will hydrate all the way from dry skin types to combination skin! Green Tea Toner & Cucumber Toner, Here for the Rescue Insert Image 2

Recommended if…

- you run out of toner too fast- you want your toner light but hydrating - your skin feels dry and sensitive at the same time - you are a green tea lover

Splash, Sweep, Soften - Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water

Served in a transparent green bottle, the Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water (#CucumberToner) will serve its main role as a toner (hydrating) but also help remove excess oil without having to go through the sensation of harsh scrubs! 45% of Cucumis Sativus Water (cucumber water) will not only help hydrate the skin but also help with skin calming and antibacterial care.  Unlike the Daily Skin Hydrating Water, this cucumber toner gently exfoliates the skin in addition to skin hydration. Green Tea Toner & Cucumber Toner, Here for the Rescue Insert Image 3

Recommended if…

- you run out of toner too fast- you want your toner to be light but hydrating- you have oily skin - your skin feels flaky and sensitive at the same time- you are a cucumber lover

Dare you to tone big. Don’t spare it but spoil it with Klairs Daily Skin Water!

Unlike the Klairs original toner which were sized 180ml, the 2 new Daily Skin Water comes as 500ml! The water-like hydrating toner with no viscosity quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a very refreshing finish. The light and watery texture of the toners, whether you decide to use your palms or cotton pads, make it ideal to layer it multiple times onto the skin for enhanced hydration. 

To maximize the benefits, try using them as...

- how you would normally use a toner (use your palms or cotton pads for the first layer of hydration after cleansing) - cleansing water (on days without makeup, use it with cotton pads to gently wipe off excess and dirt off the skin) - the essence for your diy sheet mask (soak the cotton pads with the Daily Skin Water and apply it as sheet masks) - facial mists (pour it in an empty spray bottle and carry it around to spritz whenever skin feels dry) 

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