3 Ingredients for Acne that Acne Prone Skin Swears By!

by bb on Oct 29, 2019

How much do you know about the ingredients you decide to put on your face and body? When it comes to choosing what directly touches our skin, we want to make sure they are safe and effective. Esepcially if we have acne, we are even more alert and try to look for ingredients with antibacterial properties and that can treat acne. Depending on the type of acne you have, not every ingredient will work right for you, but thankfully there are different types of ingredients that can help kick all types of pimples to the curb.

#1 Honey For Acne

3 Ingredients for Acne that Acne Prone Skin Swears By Insert Image 1Honey, yes, you read that right! A top natural and best anti acne ingredient is natural honey and manuka honey for acne. If may be a weird thought to apply raw honey directly onto our acn pimples, but honey is especially great at treating specific acne types and side effects such as fungal acne and inflamed acne that is swollen and red.

Is Honey Good for Acne?

When used topically, the honey benefits for skin are vast as it provides not only an effective acne treatment, but also anti-aging benefits as well! To point out a few:
  • - Is antimicrobial (prevents infection, fights acne bacteria)- Is skin cell repairing- Is moisturizing- Is anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling and redness)- Is healing

Great! How can I use it?

Directly on your face of course!

Honey can be used directly from the bottle on your face however, if you choose this method, it’s best to use pure organic manuka honey for acne. Otherwise, there are products like Honey Serum and Honey Glow Cream that you can use on the skin that will not only contain pure honey, but other beneficial ingredients to boost the effect.

#2 Acids for Acne

It might sound extremely intimidating, but some of the best acne killing ingredients come in the form of acids. Using acids on the skin has been a beauty secret for many years now. Let us list off the top 3 acids or acne scars and clogged pores:
  1. 1) BHA

  2. Or otherwise known as salicylic acid, is one of the most popular for controlling excessive oily skin, unclogging pores, blackheads, and reducing inflamed pimples. If you have acne that feels like it's trapped under the skin, then this is the acid for you!

2) AHA

Mostly commonly recognized as Glycolic Acid, this acne fighting ingredient works best on surface pimples that make the skin texture appear rough and bumpy. This acid works to heavily exfoliate the top layer of the skin, in turn, it makes our faces look baby smooth! What makes it even better, AHA is one of the best ingredients acne scar suffers can use as it fades away scars fast!

3) Mandelic Acid

One of the most underrated acids for acne, Mandelic acid is the more gentle partner to AHA and BHA. Also being a type of AHA, mandelic acid works to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin, aiding in smoothing out bumpy acne pimples while quickly fading acne scars. This acid is much more gentle liquid acid than Glycolic acid, making it ideal for those who have very sensitive skin or those who are a bit freaked out by using acids.Of course, there is a catch…Like any exfoliating skincare product, the use of acids on the skin can lead to irritation and sun damaged if not used properly. Do not mix acids with other exfoliators such as vitamin c, physical exfoliation, laser treatments or other acids.If you’re new to acids, start by using them sparingly until your skin adjusts, as the skin will be sensitive to them at first. Most importantly, always use an SPF after exfoliation.

#3 Green Tea

3 Ingredients for Acne that Acne Prone Skin Swears By Insert Image 2When used on the skin, green tea has some wonderful benefits for both sensitive skin and on acne prone skin. Green tea for acne can be both ingested and applied topically, but today, we will talk about its use on the skin.Using tea on your face has a world of acne fighting benefits!Green tea is not a new beauty secret, no. It has been used for years on the skin in multiple ways as a skincare treatment for multiple benefits such as:- Calming and soothing irritation- Reducing swelling- Removing redness in the skin- Delivering antioxidants for anti-aging

The golden rule of anti-inflammation!

The best way to fight acne is to reduce inflammation, by doing so, you give skin the chance to start the healing process. There are different types of green tea skin care products that will help with anti-inflammation care and one of them is green tea water based face mists or green tea toners. You can also meet green tea in enzyme powder face washes which will not only help with gentle exfoliation but antibacterial and anti-inflammation care while cleansing. 

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