Get Your 5 Updates on Summer Skin Care 2020 at Wishtrend

by Wendy Kim on May 20, 2020

Summer in Korea is notorious for its high temperature and a great level of humidity that surprises many traveling Korea during summer times. Yes, summer in Korea doesn't seem like the most ideal place to keep skin in the most optimal condition. However, when it comes to skincare, Korea goes full on and always find the way to keep skin healthy, clear and keep skin troubles under control. So, how do they do it? Here are 6 summer skin care 2020 updates that you can count on!summer-skin-care-2020-update-insert-image-1

Update 1. Yes, sunscreen is not an option but which one?

Yes, you heard it right, sunscreen is not an option, it is a must. It is a mistake if you've thought that sunscreen is just for days when you see the sun come out. Sunscreen applies all four seasons and regardless of the type of weather you get. Yes, there are flow of foundation and makeup products with SPF included however, I suggest, try not to rely on them. But rather look for sunscreen that will do the trick and not get in the way of your makeup base. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen daily and make sure to reapply every 3 or 4 hours. ▶︎ Learn which sunscreen will work best on your skin ▶︎ Learn tips on the best way to use a sunscreenThe latest physical sunscreen for oily skin at Wishtrend

Update 2. Put 'calming' all the way up on your skincare priority list

Compared to 'hydration', 'exfoliation', and 'cleansing', 'calming' doesn't come around as a priority to many when it comes to skincare.However, I suggest you add this on your skin care priority list starting this summer. You'll notice a huge difference between days when you added a calming care into your routine and when you haven't. 'Calming' skincare is easier than you imagine. Learn a few calming agents in skincare such as 'centella asiatica' and 'guaiazulene' that are known to be effective in calming irritated and sensitive skin and try adding them into your routine in the form of a calming cream or a sheet mask. This will help skin recover, heal and soothe after a long day under the heat and rays. ▶︎ What are some calming agents that will help irritated & sensitive skin?▶︎ Learn step by step tips on how to soothe irritated skin 

Update 3. Get use to watery toners & essence

There is a stereotype  that has been going around for a while now, 'thicker the texture, better the effect on the skin'. Yet, this is one of the biggest misperception people have when it comes to skincare. What matters is the ingredients, the type of skincare that your skin needs and it is not always about the thickness of the texture. When summer hits, our skin becomes the playground of sweats, sebums, and built dead skin cells. When skin is already going through a lot, keeping skincare light and refreshing can balance skin's temperature and less clog pores. Get used to toners and essence products that come in light watery texture yet contains antioxidant and hydrating ingredients. ▶︎ Read about an essence that is watery but rich in active ingredients▶︎ Learn which among the two watery toners will work on your skin

Update 4. Vitamin C can keep skin stronger 

The ingredient vitamin c is usually associated with words like 'exfoliation' 'a great antioxidant' or 'stinging' and 'irritating for sensitive skin'. Not so much associated with summer skincare. However, the right amount of vitamin c can be a huge help for the skin in terms of skin barrier strengthening and recovering skin damages from UV rays. A few drops of hypoallergenic vitamin c serums will help fortify skin's natural barrier with its antioxidant and help heal damaged skin faster. But let's not get confused with this: if you have a vitamin c in your skincare routine, you must wear susncreen. ▶︎ Learn everything you must know about vitamin c▶︎ The gentle vitamin c serum that fades acne spots & is safe for the skin?

Update 5. One LED mask speaks louder than 3 different serums

The last update for your summer skin care 2020 will not be your ordinary skincare product. 'More the merrier' is not always the answer to a good skincare. '10-step skincare', '7 layers of toner' all have their merits and when done right, those skincare tricks will enhance your skin and your overall skincare experience. However, when summer hits, 'less might be merrier'. Rather than adding more products that are designed for summer skincare, experiment with a smart skincare device that you can easily try at home at the end of the day. If you've been curious of LED light therapy for a while now, this summer could be a great time to test it out. Less burden on the skin yet different skin care effects you can expect after use.▶︎ What is LED skincare and how do you do it?▶︎ 3 different ways to maximize LED mask skincare?summer-skin-care-2020-update-insert-image-2

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