2020 Cruelty Free Wishtrend Shopping Guide #PawPromise

by Wendy Kim on May 24, 2020

We are half way into 2020 and it is that time of the year again here at Wishtrend. Cruelty-Free Week is back just like we announced, the theme for 2020 Cruelty-Free Week is #PawPromise and #WishCrueltyFree. (read more about it here) Wishtrend aspires to share the idea of cruelty-free skin care and one exciting way to celebrate this is to fill this full ‘cruelty-free week’ with some of your favorite brands and products with special discounts and exclusive cruelty-free products only available on Wishtrend! This is how Wishtrend has always share the idea of ‘cruelty-free’ and still continues to do so in 2020!  So, here is a full 2020 Cruelty-Free shopping guide that will help you enjoy this week, and cruelty-free skin care to the fullest! We are breaking it down to each alphabets that consists ‘#PawPromise'.

(A)ll new gentle Vitamin C serum is out

Wishrend is celebrating Cruelty-Free week with a couple of new arrivals! The very first new arrival is from By Wishtrend and get excited because it is a new vitamin C serum that is gentle yet as effective as the original one! It is the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid!   cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-3 By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin 15% with Ferulic Acid[/caption] By Wishtrend continues to focus on ingredients and effects it has on the skin and one of the long time best sellers from the brand was the Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum. Especially highly sought after among acne prone skin and those with acne spots and pigmentation concern, the 21.5% of high concentration of Vitamin C proved to bring results in just 2 weeks of use! Yet, with high percentage of Vitamin C follows the fear of irritation among those with sensitive skin. The new Pure Vitamin 15% with Ferulic Acid is designed to be hypoallergenic yet as effective as high concentrated Vitamin C serums! So, if you have sensitive skin but in need for an effective vitamin c care, this will be your optimal choice! 

(W)ishtrend TV 100million views Vitamin Special Kit, limited edition

Did you know that Wishtrend TV finally hit 100 million views on Youtube? It only made sense for Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV to celebrate this number since all this journey was made possible thanks to #wishtrenders! 2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-4 Wishtrend TV 100 million Views Vitamin Special Kit[/caption]  To celebrate this meaningful number, Wishtrend, Wishtrend TV and By Wishtrend came together and designed a Vitamin Special Kit! The new arrival, Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid was initially designed thanks to the feedback from the subscribers of Wishtrend TV who wanted a vitamin c serum that is not irritating or stinging yet is as effective as the 21.5 Advanced Serum. Hence, the Vitamin Special Kit! Consisted of the new Vitamin C Ferulic Serum and Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream, it will maximize your antioxidant and brightening care without irritation.   

(P)romotion code for additional discounts

2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-3 Click onto the image to view the 'Cruelty-Free Week' page[/caption] And of course, never miss out on the opportunity to get additional discounts according to the amount of your purchase! It's easy to miss out on special codes like this, so here is a reminder!  

(R)ovectin, now you can find it at Wishtrend

2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-6 Rovectin 4-Step Try Me Kit[/caption] Probably one of the most exciting news this week! Rovectin, your favorite brand has finally arrived at Wishtrend! Renown to be gentle on the skin, the brand has built its reputation as a brand that works effectively yet gentle on the skin. Wishtrend is starting with two of their products from the Clean Line, the LHA Blemish Ampoule and the Lotus Water Cream. That’s not all! To celebrate this new arrival, Wishtrend collaborated with Rovectin and designed the 4-Step Try Me Kit that is only exclusive on Wishtrend! Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of Rovectin with discounts and exclusive kit with their Aqua Enriched Line!  

(O)pen the package & enjoy the 'goodiebag'

2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-7Wishtrend prepared three different types of ‘goodiebag’ this time to not only make your cruelty-free skincare shopping experience more exciting but also to offer you the chance to test out of the products in advance! 

(M)eet your favorite Youtuber’s Rocket Deal

 Special occasions like this on Wishtrend makes no sense without Rocket Deals with some of your favorite Youtubers! Here is the list of the special skincare packages specifically curated and approved by your favorite skincare gurus and experts! Enjoy these handpicked skincare routines at a discounted price and check out their videos for detailed tutorials! out the details and the dates! Euniunni: EuniUnni's Fabulous Quad Summer Skincare Squad (May 20 - June 20) Sharla: Sharla’s 5-step Morning Skincare Routine (May 25 - June 26)James Welsh: James Welsh's Current KBeauty Faves (May 26 - June 26) Megan: Megan's Cruelty Free Rocket Deal (May 27 - June 27) 

(I)ntroduce yourself to LED Masks with 40% off

[caption id="attachment_232064" align="aligncenter" width="500"]2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-8 Eclair LED Therapy Mask [/caption] LED skincare is no longer a stranger amongst us and Wishtrend was excited last year to introduce you to the LED Therapy Mask that offers three different types of skin care. If you have been looking for a LED mask, this one would be a great starter. When paired with the serum of your choice, you can expect an enhanced skin care experience, so why not go for it when you can enjoy it in a 40% discounted price? 

(S)earch and learn about ‘cruelty-free’. 

 As you enjoy all the list Wishtrend has to offer to you in 2020 Cruelty-Free Week, it all comes down to realizing what you are shopping for! Whenever you have the time, take time to read about cruelty-free and search to find out how much your skincare aligns with cruelty-free. Here are some of the recommended reads that will help you have a better idea on cruelty-free. You can also read about ‘cruelty-free’ at Wishtrend : The Cruelty Free Skincare We Love So Much 

(E)njoy Cruelty-Free Week!

 Last but not least, enjoy 2020 Cruelty-Free Week at Wishtrend! 2020-cruelty-free-wishtrend-insert-image-guide

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