Be the GLOWIEST Version of Yourself

by Arin Kim on May 04, 2022

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 The concept of ‘self-care’ may seem big and somewhat scary, also it sounds like it requires a lot of commitment. It’s not easy for people in the 21st century to make time for small deeds just to treat themselves. But at the end of the day, we all realize that there is nobody more important in the world than ourselves. We can’t care for others when we don’t care for ourselves. And the same goes for love. How about taking some time for yourself?  Wishtrend TV is here to guide you to spend some time for yourself during your busy daily lives. For a healthier lifestyle, Wishtrend TV will be starting a new project, the Glow Up Project, to take care of yourself. The Glow Up Project will be held for 3-4 weeks with different themes for each week. These themes will consist of various ways to help build a healthier lifestyle. Follow along with the schedule in order to complete the Glow Up Project! Wishtrend TV will be opening special missions and giveaways to motivate you to complete the project. So don’t miss out on the chance to win amazing prizes and to take care of yourself.   Subscribers of Wishtrend TV ask about skincare concerns, and Wishtrend TV provides information on the concerns, hoping to solve the solution. The Wishtrend TV team has seen many positive subscribers, but there have also always been many comments about low self-esteem dues to skin concerns. While thinking about how to help the subscribers with low self-esteem, the team came up with a way to guide them to build healthier lifestyles. If the body is not healthy, the mind cannot be healthy. And the body cannot be strong unless the mind is strong. Once the body is healthy and energetic, naturally the mind can think brightly in a healthy way.   For this healthy life, Wishtrend TV has come up with a giveaway challenge on their Instagram account, so their followers can “glow up”. The challenges are designed to be accomplished without much difficulty. This gives the message that even the smallest steps matter. 

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