Acne Scar Removal with the Skin Barrier Cream

by Wendy Kim on Apr 03, 2018

When we suffer from dry skin, sensitivities and acne, it can truly be hard to find a skin care product that will not only be effective at healing our acne but also reduce irritation, manage the dryness without clogging our pores. Trust me, I know the struggle all too well as someone with dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. Which is why I was excited to try and test the newest addition to the [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream. Acne Scar Removal with the Skin Barrier Cream Article Insert 1

Product Claims

[BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream claims to be:- Help Regenerate Damaged Skin due to Collagen synthesis- Prevent acne scars and lighten skin pigmentation- Deliver an equivalent amount of centella as found in ointments- Improve dryness- Restore and repair skin's protective barrier- Speed up skins recovery- Strengthen weak skin- Calm irritated skin- Enhances acne scar removalThis is one impressive list of product claims, especially for those with very problematics skin like my own. Since I recently have been suffering from a sudden acne breakout, I figured it was the perfect time to put this product to the test as my skin was suffering from quite literally, all the above problems and concerns.

Packaging & Texture

When it comes to the packaging of the By Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream, I found myself rather pleased. The product comes in a tube with a small dispenser which gives the feeling of an ointment or medical cream. Since it is a squeeze tube, the dispensing of the product if very hygienic and safe compared to jar packaging.Aside from the packaging, the product itself has a rather interesting texture. When dispensed, it looks and feels like a rather thick cream where you would assume it would spread thick on the skin. However, once you apply the cream to the face, it spread evenly leaving an almost air-like finish to the skin. It absorbs thickly and spreads very thinly over the skin feeling almost like nothing at all. To me, this texture was very pleasing as it gives the secure feeling of reassurance that it will not clog the pores. A plus is that this cream is supposed to only be applied in a thin layer, so that fact that it applies thinly to the skin makes it very easy to use without overusing the product.Acne Scar Removal with the Skin Barrier Cream Article Insert 2Acne Scar Removal with the Skin Barrier Cream Article Insert 3


Since my skin was in such a traumatic state, I was rather excited to see just how well the By Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream would be able to help. I used the cream by applying it once a day at night time as the final step in my evening skin care routine, spreading a thin layer to the centre portion of my skin when I had the most concerns such as broken dry skin, breakouts and redness, then worked it outwards to the remainder of my face.In one night, I noticed the next more that my skin was no longer broken and cracking and the redness as somewhat subsided. However, my breakouts where still very much so percent, yet I did not have any new breakouts which had been a recent problem before using the cream. I continued to use the cream every night for 3 weeks and in that time I can happily say that the cream did everything it claimed to do for the skin. My skin, especially in my main areas of concern being the centre of my face is no longer broken and cracking. The redness has faded and returned to its normal state and my constant breakouts have been reduced and have been healing very quickly. On Top of which, I have minimal to no acne scarring where my breakouts where located. On a whole, I had no irritation from the cream and it did not at any time, clog my pores in the least! Acne Scar Removal with the Skin Barrier Cream Article Insert 4


I am very happy to say this product was exactly what my dry sensitive acne prone skin needed at the time! It did everything it claims to do without causing any additional problems. It was the perfect addition to my evening skin care routine that I needed to help speed up the recovery of my recent breakout. I am sure with continual use into the next month, my skin will fully be returned to its normal clear and healthy condition it was in before my major acne breakout.The [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream gets a 100% approval in my skin care books!

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