The Best Korean Essence Products Recommended for Every Skin Types

by Wendy Kim on Apr 10, 2018

Remember when we recommended different types of toner and cleansers according to different skin types? This time we are back with serum (or essence how you would like to call it). Since serum is one of the skincare step which will actually help you to deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin, many of you might be especially picky about choosing the perfect serum for your skin according to what concern you might have. And since you might have different skin concerns on different days, we are here to give you a guide on the best Korean essence products recommendation for different skin concerns! So choose your pick!
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What are the benefits of a serum? (or essence?)

Before jumping into recommending the perfect serum according to your skin concern, let's have a clear idea of what essence (serum) is! Many will recall serum as a step in between the toner and a moisturizer (cream). The intent of a serum is to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin thanks to the smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. That is why whenever you have a specific skin concern that you wish to solve or take care of, you would want to take a closer look at choosing the serum that will target your specific skincare concerns!

Is essence (serum) a moisturizer?

We can call any products with a moisturizing effect a moisturizer but in the traditional sense, moisturizer is percieved more as a cream, a thicker texture skincare product that creates a moisturizing barrier on top of the skin. But most serums include moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help skin retain moisture it does serve a role as a moisturizer. So the answer to the question will be a yes and a no.

The Best Korean Essence Products Recommendation according to different skin concerns

It is important to figure out what skin type we live with (mostly influenced with external factors) but at the same time we face with different skin concerns and conditions on a daily basis. According to how and where we've spent our day and what we've been up to influences the conditions of our skin. This is when serum takes a crucial role in our skin care. According to what your skin is going through that day or a week or a month, reach out for the serum that will target best your skin concern. but we also face with different skin concerns and conditions.

1) Sensitive

- What to look for in an essence: On days when your skin feels extra sensitive and irritated, 'soothing' and 'calming' will be what you would want to focus when looking or a serum. Find an essence that can of course hydrate the skin but also soothe your skin in the most comforting way. If the skin not only feels sensitive but also heated, look for the cooling ones that can lower the temperature of the skin.- Tips on application: Whenever the skin feels sensitive, it's not best to over apply any skincare products. The key is to effectively hydrate and soothe the skin but still leaving the skin comfortable. Use the fourth finger (for the least pressure on the skin) and with gentle rolling motions, let the essence be absorbed into the skin.

2) Dehydrated

- What to look for in an essence: On days when the skin feels extra dry and dehydrated, 'hydration' is the key to healthier skin. Whenever it feels like the skin has been stripped off with moisture, reach out for a essence with a highly hydrating ingredient. But since it's best to leave skin feeling comfortable, look for a light weight essence that absorbs quickly into the skin so that you can layer it according to your needs.- Tips on application: Layering can be the key to restore the moisture balance back to the dehydrated skin. Rather than slathering with an excessive amount of the serum at the first place, layer 3 drops of essence up to 2-3 layers.

3) Dull & Flaky

- What to look for in an essence: If it is one of those days when makeup doesn't apply well onto the skin and your overall tone of your skin seems dull, it's about time to exfoliate or consider Vitamin C in your routine. Add a gentle Vitamin C serum to help with not only brightening but also help with exfoliation. Vitamin C is worth to consider if dull & flaky skin is your skin concern of the day.- Tips on application: For some of you who has extremely sensitive skin or if it's one of those days when your skin feel extra dry, add a couple of drops of the vitamin serum onto a cream (moisturizer) and blend them well. Then apply it as you normally apply a cream and this will help your skin feeling more comfortable.

4) Oily & Enlarged Pores

- What to look for in an essence: Have you been sweating a lot today? Do you feel like you have excessive sebum or are you worried about blackheads? If these are your skin concern of the day, go for an essence that gives your a 'pore care'. But of course hydrating is what you would never want to miss. Find a non-oily essence that will balance your skin's water and oil level.- Tips on application: There will be parts of your face where you would specifically want pore care. Concentrate applying the essence around those specific areas and make sure to not over apply but pat well to soak them all in to your skin.

5) Acne Scars & Pigmentation

- What to look for in an essence: For those with acne scarring or pigmentation, you would want to be extra more conscious about choosing the essence. If you wish to fade the scars or pigmentation, Vitamin C is the ingredient that you should lay eyes on than any other ingredient when it comes to a serum. If you see the word Vitamin C in a serum, you would want to test it out to see if it works for your skin.- Tips on application: The ingredient Vitamin C, though is very effective, is not the gentlest ingredient for our skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin or on days when your skin has been irritated, go for a milder vitamin serum. Control the amount of the serum well with the spoid and we highly recommend using Vitamin C serum in your night time skin care routine.

6) Wrinkles & Fine Lines

- What to look for in an essence: Does your dark circles seem more darker and deeper? Or are you starting to see fine lines and laugh lines getting more clearer and deeper? Then it's about time you start adding ingredients like peptides and EGF on your skin. This will help to delay aging that has been accelerated through our daily habits or external factors. And of course, serum (essence) is the best step to incorporate these ingredients.- Tips on application: Use the tip of your fourth finger to apply the serum onto the areas where you wish to give wrinkle care. (under the eyes, laugh lines, forehead, neck and etc). This will help you to give specific care to those concerned areas without wasting a drop.Or you can simply make a serum sheet mask with the help of sponge pads. Soak the sponge pads with a serum with peptide ingredient and place them under your eyes, or any other parts you wish to give care.

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