2022 Skin Care Trends to Know According to Skin Care Experts

by Claudia Christin on Jan 10, 2022

  Happy new year to all of us! 2021 has given skincare all the spotlight in everyone’s routine since we have more time to spend at home and indoor. What do you think will be on trend for next year in the post-pandemic era? Let’s take a closer look at some of my guesses!    

#1. Trends: Skipcare, skinimalism 

“Less is more” approach is going to stay and be embraced this year. With our activities and schedule going back to almost like it used to be before the pandemic, people is going to shift to a more jam-packed product in their skincare that targets multiple concern all at once.   

#2. Ingredients: Anti- inflammaging 

The roles of inflammation in the process of aging are going to be in the spotlight. While we used to hear about the negative effect of UV as a big part of premature aging, we are going deeper into the roles of chronic inflammation itself. How the roles of stress, diet, pollution together with UV exposures actually affect our body and put us on a vicious cycle of pro-inflammation that speeds up the process of aging. We are going to meet a lot more antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients on top of the top-notch aging ingredients like retinol. 

Gifts & Sets

Mugwort Calming Set


#3. Sustainability: Planet-conscious packaging 

We are going to look beyond just the product itself. There is going to be a lot more brand putting the extra effort into providing skin solution that doesn’t (or the least) hurt/damage our environment.  for products that are packed in recyclable and/ or refillable packaging. 


Advanced Calming Solution


#4. Education: More fun in combination with science

We have quite a few of “no-list” ingredients last year, but this year it is shifting to a more neutral and “you-do-you” approach. It is going to be less judgemental and put more focus on the personal user experience itself, instead of dictating hard on a specific skincare philosophy.


#5. Routine: Holistic skincare solution 

More people are going to acknowledge that skincare is more than just what you put on your skin. It is more on your overall health “inside to outside”. Your thoughts, mental health, the time you invest in resting/exercising, your diet play huge roles in your skin health. These factors are often overlooked and going to make their comeback this year.

Wish, Try, Love

Correcting Post Pigmentation Clearing Box


Perhaps, there is going to be a rise in the variety of oral supplements that help support the health of our skin and nails throughout the year to support our skin health.  


2022 is definitely going to be an exciting year full of new opportunities and adventure. The skincare and health industry are definitely going to still rise and shine and we are so excited to see what’s coming this year. What do you think is going to be on-trend in the year of 2022? 


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