Set of the Week: Dew is Better than One, 2 Step for Radiant Skin

by Wendy Kim on Nov 10, 2021

We started the 'Set of the Week' to share Wishtrend's exclusive skincare boxes curated to answer to different skincare questions and skin conditions one by one in detail. And we introduced you the Brand Package Rich Moist Package as our very first 'Set of the Week' series.  💙 Read more about the Rich Moist Package? Set of the Week Rich Moist Package for Full Hydration And we are back with the second 'Set of the Week': Wish Recipe Dew is Better than One Before we go in detail, what is Wish Recipe? Wish Recipe is where you can find the simplest set products that will only elevate your skincare routine with speicifc care your skin might need.  

A two step recipe for radiant, glowing skin: Dew is Better than One

 dew is better than one insert image 1 in one sentence: With the combination of Niacinamide and Vitamin C, this duo will replenish skin's natural glow.  ● recommended for: Dull skin, flaky skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, acne spot, vitamin c lover, skincare starter, sensitive skin what to expect: Antioxidant skincare, skin nourishment, hydration, glowy skin This set replenishes the skin’s natural glow in two simple steps - toner and serum, with the help of two superstar ingredients - niacinamide and vitamin C. This lightweight toner and serum duo quickly absorb into the skin, leaving behind a nourishing, hydrating layer that works to help you wake up to a brighter complexion the next morning. Fortified with 10% niacinamide in addition to a lineup of antioxidant-rich ingredients, the elmt Skin Illuminating Solution works in tandem with the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, which contains 15% pure vitamin C. While the two products are great alone, they work better together as niacinamide and vitamin C come together to tackle uneven skin tone, fine lines, reduced firmness, and dullness. 
Wish Recipe

Dew is Better than One


How to use: 

1) Cleanse face and pat away moisture.2) (Optional) Use a toner of choice to prep skin for following steps.3) Apply 3-4 drops of the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Serum, and pat into the skin until completely absorbed.4) Add a second layer of moisture to the skin with the Skin Illuminating Solution. Use hands or cotton pad to apply a few drops.5) Finish with a moisturizer to lock in nutrients. 💡 Note that this routine can be used for both morning and at night time. If you decide to use the set in the morning, make sure to apply a SPF product at the end of your routine.  
⚠️ Common misconception about Niacinamide + Vitamin CFor many years, various online sources have wrongly perpetuated the idea that niacinamide and vitamin C should and can not be used together. But, we’re here with some good news. Research has proven that combining these ingredients don’t lead to skin problems, but rather, can help the skin with multiple skin benefits.

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