Reasons Not to Pop Your Pimple and How to Pop it If You Have to

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Nov 08, 2021

Reason not to pop pimple insert image 1 It can be tempting to pop or squeeze your pimple on your skin, in hope that it will eventually re-surface and come to its head as we squeeze them. However, at the same time, we have heard it so many times, “don’t pop your pimple!”. But then you later found out that your esthetician or dermatologist did an extraction on one of your pimples and it heals a lot faster. Let’s dig deeper into this issue and figure out whether if popping a pimple is that harmful to our skin.  

Reasons not to pop your pimple 

We know that it can be tempting, however, it’s best to just leave them alone and never pop your pimple. Here are some of the reasons not to:• A popping pimple can spread bacteria and pus from infected pores to the surrounding area and cause more pimples on that certain spot.• Popping your pimple increase the chance of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation (post-inflammatory)• Popping your pimple exacerbates the inflammatory process and delay your skin’s natural healing process • It extends the lifespan of your pimple  Reasons not to pop pimple insert image 2 So, for all these reasons, we always suggest leaving them alone while leaving it for the professional to handle the rest. 

What if you can’t handle it 

Sometimes it can be a little too tempting especially when you can see the center-white ahead/pushing-yellow) surfacing on your skin. We would first highly suggest you keep them covered with a pimple patch for it to “cleanly” absorb the excess gunk out of your pores and minimize the chance of re-infection.  Reasons not to pop pimple insert image 3 

How to use a simple patch: 

• To effectively absorb the excess gunk, you can use it on your first skincare step after cleansing • Make sure to apply them on dry skin and wait for the magic to happen• Once the pimple patches have turned cloudy, you can take them off and see the remaining wound on your skin• You can apply a layer of thick nourishing moisturizer to support your skin natural healing process  
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However, if you’re still going to pop them anyway here are some of the steps that may help:

1. Only do it when you can see a whitehead. Popping red, inflamed acne won’t do anything

2. Wash your hands and sterilize the device you use properly

3. Using a Q-tip or fingers (covered with sterile cloth/tissue) you can apply gentle pressure to both sides, this action would push out the pus or excess gunk from your pores

4. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the open wound

5. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer to help support the skin barrier and healing process

 Reasons not to pop pimple insert image 3

If you have issues with your acne management and it has been bothering you for a while, we highly suggest you talk with professionals for a more personalized treatment plan. However, while you are still trying to handle it yourself, you can just avoid popping your pimple for the best care.

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