#wishtrender: Coochwa Suh, to Make World More 'Cruelty-Free'

by Wendy Kim on May 26, 2020

It is Cruelty-Free week here at Wishtrend! We are not only excited to share this idea with our customers and community but also hear from the people outside of Wishtrend who are actually in the forefront of introducing the idea and the importance of ‘cruelty-free’ to the world.  We invited Seo Coochwa, the lawyer and the co-founder of PNR (People for Non-Human Rights). We go way back to New Years Eve in 2019. She visited Wishtrend to have a session on animals rights and cruelty-free with the staff at Wishtrend. As Wishtrend aspires to be in the forefront of ‘cruelty-free’ skincare our interaction was positive and continued since then.  Get to learn a little more about the mind behind raising the awareness on issues around animals and taking appropriate actions including litigation to ensure that animal rights are recognized and protected.  

"Those changes taking place slowly but surely, is why I do what I do"

]#wishtrender-insert-image1 Coochwa Seo, Co-founder of PNR

• Name: Coochwa Suh 

• Share us a little bit on what you do for a living!

Well, first and foremost, I am a lawyer. So I would do what a lawyer should be doing. But on top of that, I am a co-founder of PNR which stands for People for Non-Human Rights. 

• Please guide us through what PNR is and does!

#wishtrender-cruelty-free-insert-image-2PNR stands for People for Non-Human Rights. It was established in 2017 by my co-founder, Joo Yeon Park, with the aspiration of securing and protecting the rights of non-human animals through supporting the enactment of legislation, amendment and enforcement of policies to secure legal status and rights of animals. We currently have 15 members working with the same goal and we continue to collaborate with members of the organization ranging from veterinarians and researchers specializing in animal rights. 

• Please share with us the moments when you feel the most fulfilled! 

I feel devastated whenever I realize that many of the legislations, policies and lawsuits are designed without a great consideration of animal rights. However, as we continue to take appropriate actions to ensure that animal rights are recognized we are witnessing changes in legislation and have an effect on court rulings, those are the moments  that I feel proud of and are the food for my mind and soul. Those changes taking place slowly but surely, is why I do what I do

• How is 2020 so far for you? 

In 2020, I have had the honor of running for the general election here in Korea. There always have been members of Congress that raised a voice for animal rights and have great affection to non-human animals. However, there never has been a case where an individual ran for government to actively improve and pave the legal system that aims for the coexistence of humans and animals. Being a part of the Congress wasn’t the main driving force behind running for general election. It was more so to make a statement that Korea has now become conscious enough to invite a member of Congress that stands up for animal rights. I am proud that I’ve had the opportunity to raise awareness on the issue in the forefront. I recently went through some of the topics to make legislative proposals and set up plans for PNR to move forward!

• Your relationship with Wishtrend, where did it all begin?▲ Watch Coochwa's interview on "How You Can Help Save Animals with Conscious Beauty" Last year, I got a phone call from Wishcompany to lead a session on ‘animal testing’. It was the very first time a private enterprise requested a session and I was honored and couldn’t have been more thrilled. It is a strong statement and a movement for a private company to be interested in ‘animal rights’. Since one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to lawsuits on animal rights is profit driven companies and thoughts I was excited to find out that there is a company that considers animal rights. 

•  What are some efforts you take to stay ‘cruelty-free’?

Apart from the work that I do, whenever I shop for skincare and makeup products, I always make sure I go through the ingredients. Whether it has animal derived ingredients, whether it has the ‘cruelty-free’ mark.  But what I spend most time to go ‘cruelty-free’ is,  recommending ‘cruelty-free’ products to friends and family around me. ▶ Enjoy 'cruelty-free' shopping with Coochwa Suh HERE

•  Please share with us your favorite product from Wishtrend! 

The Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner is my all time favorite! I can’t recommend this enough to the people around me and I have received so many great reviews on it. I love how gentle it is on the skin and it is definitely an item that will work gently regardless of different skin types and ages! I also adore the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum. Especially during winter times, my skin can easily go dry especially when I step out of the shower. With the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum, my skin feels hydrated from within but leaves my skin feeling soothed and fresh. 

•  Is there any skincare or beauty tips that you live by or wish to share with #wishtrenders?

First and foremost, when a product contains strong chemical ingredients or is heavily animal derivative ingredients, it might seem that it has outstanding effects on the skin, however I always make sure to check the ingredient list beforehand. All this process is made easier thanks to a couple of apps out there that guide you through the ingredients of skincare and beauty products out in the market. I resort to fewer products with cruelty-free and ‘good’ ingredients than stocking up multiple high functioning products. I try to invest more time and money on lifestyle and health as a way to keep my skincare healthy and sustainable!

• What does ‘positive beauty’ mean to you? 

Hmmm, it is a great question worth thinking of. I believe ‘positive beauty’ is redefining and rediscovering things that seemed so apparent and we took it for granted. I think we carry on with our lives in a rut and sometimes with bias, hence we at times forget there are different aspects and prisms of life worth considering and be open to. I think ‘positive beauty’ is the process of realizing how beautiful that process of redefining and rediscovering is. 

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