Wish You a Happy Earth Day!

by Arin Kim on Apr 21, 2022

Our Earth is an amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive decades later like it is right now! That is why each year on the 22nd of April, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect our planet from pollution, deforestation, and many more toxins that are making it sick. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we’re making our world a happier, healthier place to live. Here at Wishtrend, we are taking baby steps to show some extra love for our planet.  Wishtrend is known to have a wide collection of skincare boxes for different skin types and skincare concerns. Yet, unlike other commerce websites, we strive to stay away from using excessive box packages for our different types of skincare curation boxes we offer. Even though there are more steps we look forward to take to get closer to a more environmental friendly packaing for all our shipping, we are constantly learning and are actively trying to invite brands and products that are environment conscious.

So, let's take a look at what steps some of our curated brands are taking for our earth!  First of all, we have our beloved G’day Mate Sunscreen from Chasin’ Rabbits. This sunscreen is not only vegan but also free of oxybenzone and octinoxate which are chemicals that protect skin by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays and then dissipating the energy. However, studies from 2016 have shown that baby corals exposed to oxybenzone showed signs of distress, such as coral bleaching. Oxybenzone is now known to have major toxicological effects on plants and algae. Linked to this, seagrass and algae are critical habitats and food for coral reef fish and other marine life. This means that the damage to these plants adds more stress to the ecosystem as a whole. So, this oxybenzone and octinoxate free sunscreen is safe not only for us but also for the ocean and sea creatures. Also, the tube of the sunscreen is made of bioplastic derived from sugar cane.  

G'day Mate Sunscreen


Next, we have our formula driven skincare brand, elmt. I'm sure all of our wishtrenders have seen the dazzling green bottles of elmt’s solutions. Not only are they satisfying to the eyes, but there is also an eco-friendly secret to them! Each bottle has a label that identifies the product. These labels are produced to be easily removed. And if you have recycled before, you should know that removing labels from bottles can be annoying. But, these pleasing-to-the-eyes bottles can be reused as vases, containers, and many more various uses. You name it! And of course, we can’t forget the box packaging. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper! I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t even surprised now.


Advanced Calming Solution


Skin Activating Solution


Lastly, we have our “simple but enough” Dear, Klairs.  Did you know that Klairs has two soaps? The Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap is a personal favorite because it gently cleanses the pores. If you are worried that the soap might be too stripping for your skin, no need to worry becuase the Rich Moist Facial Soap is exactly what you need! It contains calamine powder which is great for soothing. In the 21st century less packaging means more. By using these soaps, we can reduce carbon emissions from plastic productions and no plastic bottles will end up in landfills or the ocean. Try switching to soaps when shopping for your next facial cleanser. 


Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap


Rich Moist Facial Soap


Now, these are some baby steps we can practice in our daily lives! 



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