Wish Try Love: Stop Wasting Time, Find Your Skincare Box at Wishtrend!

by Wendy Kim on Apr 27, 2020

Click onto the banner to enjoy 45% OFF + FREE GIFTS (only available for 2 weeks)[/caption] If you have been following Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV for a while, Wish, Try, Love will be no stranger. Wish, Try, Love is an exclusive shopping experience you can only find on Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV. Just like the name implies, it is designed to please those who Wish to find a solution for certain skin concerns and conditions and once you Try the box of skincare, it is hard to not fall in Love wish-try-love-curation-insert-image-1
 Wish, Try, Love features the ultimate beauty and skin care solutions for different skin concerns and types. It is carefully hand picked by staffs at Wishtrend and curated with the best products available to resolve skin conditions and concerns. The box is designed with products that make a full routine that everyone can easily do at home. The detailed information regarding the products and tutorials are available on Wishtrend TV and articles on the editorial.  

Find Your Type and the Best Wish,Try,Love Box for You!

There’s already 7 different Wish, Try, Love boxes available at Wishtrend and they are all curated for very different skin conditions and designed to help with different concerns! 

Type A. Quarantined and you have acne?

Step by Step Acne Self Care Box


The Checklist

✓ acne prone skin

✓ whiteheads

✓ active acne

✓ acne pigmentation

 What about it?

If you identify yourself as 'acne prone' skin and is looking for a skincare solution that you can easily do at home, this would be the one for you. The Step by Step Acne Self Care box is specifcially designed for those who are concerned with chronic acne and want to take care of different steps of acne step by step at home. It contains all the products for your current pimples, before/ after extractions, and post-acne scar treatment. From the low pH gel cleanser and gentle vitamin c serum to a sulfur spot gel and a full set of pimple patches, you can keep your whitehteads, active acne and even acne scars under control. 


Type B. Don’t know where to start with anti-aging?

Youthful Aging Skin Care Box

 The Checklist✓ wrinkles & fine lines✓ dull skin✓ dehydrated skin✓ need for antioxidant care What about it?Wishtrend tries to stir away from the word 'anti-aging' since skin aging and wrinkles are a naturally occuring skin phenomena that we all experience. That is why Wish, Try, Love curated a box called a 'Youthful Aging Skin Care Box' that can deliver antioxidants and ingredients like EGF that helps to prevent and fade fine lines. The box includes safe and mild ingredients that help with collagen regeneration that has a direct impact on skin aging. The youthful aging skincare routine is recommended for those who need recovery for damaged skin, who want healthy-looking skin. 

Type C. Need a fresh (skin) start?

Reveal Your Best Skin Box

 The Checklist✓ fine lines around the eyes✓ excessive dead skin cells✓ flaky skin✓ honey skincare lover What about it?The Reveal Your Best Skin Box was designed just in time for the New Years! It consists of some of the latest arrivals on Wishtrend and completes a great routine for those who love scrubs and eye creams. The routine will keep your skin clear, youthful and hydrated with key ingredients like black sugar, honey, green tea and caffeine. So, if you are looking forward to switch up your routine for a fresh start, this shall be your pick. 

Type D. If oily skin & acne is your never ending stressor

Day & Night Oily Acne Prone Skin Care Kit

 The Checklist✓ oily skin✓ acne prone skin✓  vitamin skincare lover✓ sensitive skin What about it?When you have oily acne prone skin, it might seem like double the trouble. Wishtrend realized that oily acne prone skin is one of the most popular skin concern shared among us and thus created a 5 step skincare routine with 1) an essential oil-free toner, 2) an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory packed propolis serum, 3) a gentle vitamin c serum, 4) a vitamin e cream to maximize the vitamin care and 5) a moisturizer-like sunscreen to keep skin protected.  This skin care set is designed to prevent breakouts and provide soothing. The set can be used day and night for cleansing, moisturizing and other purposes. 

Type E. Want to see a quick result in just a month?

30 Days Skin Transformation Kit

 The Checklist✓ dull skin✓ oily on the t-zone✓ dehydrated skin✓ sheet mask lover What about it?If you are someone who loves to keep everything simple, even your skincare rotuine, here's one for you. Consisted with the best selling facial toner and vitamin c serum from Klairs it will keep skin hydrated, fresh and bright. So, if you struggle with dullness, oiliness on the t-zone but dehydrated skin, try to keep your skincare simple yet with key ingredients. When it comes to skincare, sometimes, less is better. This kit will restore a healthy glow to your skin with just one month of steady use. 

Type F. If you have sensitive skin

Total Care Kit for Acne-prone and Sentivie Skin

 The Checklist✓ acne prone skin✓ sensitive skin✓ irritated skin✓ dry & dehydrated skin What about it?When it comes to sensitive skin, choosing products that can calm, soothe and NOT irritate the skin is key. On top of that, if you also have acne, better put more caution when creating a skincare routine. Create a routine that is 1) gentle on the skin , 2) soothing, 3) hydrating, and 4) calming. Also, if you are comfortable with using a comedo remover for whiteheads removal, the Total Care Kit for Acne-prone, Sensitive Skin will be a great choice since it comes with a calming cream with guaiazulene for post-acne care. 

Type G. Are you a beginner?

Korean Skincare Beginner Kit 

 The Checklist
  1. ✓ new to skincare
  2. ✓ need a full skincare routine from cleansing to sunscreen
  3. ✓ looking for a routine for both morning and at night
  4. ✓ want hydration, soothing & calming care in one routine
What about it?Are you new to creating your own skincare routine? As Wishtrend also realized that teens are actively pursuing effective skincare, Korean Skincare Beginner Kit was designed to help teens and skincare newbies have a full routine that fulfills the basic skincare needs. From low pH gel cleanser to light easy going susncreen, the routine will provide you with a good idea of what a 'good skincare' should look like.  
  1. Type H. Freaking out with acne pigmentation? 

Correcting Post Acne Pigmentation Clearing Kit

 The Checklist
  1. ✓ acne spots
  2. ✓ pigmentation & discoloration on skin
  3. ✓ dull skin
  4. ✓ need of post-acne care
What about it?Dealing with acne itself is not an easy task, but acne spots and scars gets even trickier and requires more patience. The best solution to acne scarring and pigmentation is 'prevention'. So keep a routine that can not only fade pigmentation but also prevent scarring from the first place. You'll be not only be able to find the key ingredients that can help brighten skin and fade spots but also a full set of pimple patches that will come in handy whenever you popped a pimple.
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