What is Skin Cycling and How They Benefit the Skin

by Claudia Christin on Feb 23, 2023

what is skin cycling

Don’t take your skin barrier for granted. We all have been hearing about the goodness of actives layering, or other powerhouse ingredients in one’s skincare routine. However, with great power comes great responsibility. It comes with a consequence of irritation for one’s skin especially if you have sensitive skin. 

what is skin cycling

This is where skin cycling can help save your skin from all the trouble. Skin cycling is a trending evening skincare routine term made by a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe, built to help people make the best use of their skincare products without compromising their skin barrier. 

how it all started

How It All Started

Let’s be real. Not everyone is blessed with good, resilient skin inherently. We all need skincare to help maintain our skin health or achieve our skin goals. Some need exfoliations to help removes dead skin cells better. Some need retinols to help with cellular turnover, reducing acne, brighten their skin and many more. Same goes to any other active ingredients. 

The mistake that people often fall into is, to slather all the active ingredients on their face in hope to fasten the result or to slather it consecutively without giving their skin the time to recover. Just like how your muscle needs rest after you work it out, your skin also needs time to recover from the active ingredients. And just like how you focus on training certain parts of your body muscle day by day, your skin might need it too especially if you have sensitive skin.

how skin cycling help you

How Skin Cycling Help You

This “skin cycling” routine is made so people can slow down their skincare routine and do less. It is to refrain yourself from over exfoliating and damaging your skin. It gives your skin the time to recover from active ingredients and have some nourishment. 

for resilient skin

*If you have more resilient skin, it may be suitable for you to keep it as a three-night cycle. If you have more sensitive skin, it may be suitable for you to keep it as a four-night cycle.

for sensitive skin

For the recovery nights, you might want to focus on nourishing your skin microbiome, hydrate and moisturize to strengthen your skin barrier.

skin recovery nights

Based on Dr. Bowe’s experience with her patients that followed this routine, those who previously applied active ingredients mercilessly to their skin every day, feel that their skin tolerates active ingredients better and actually see changes in their skin. 

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