Top 5 Korean Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin!

by Wendy Kim on May 06, 2019

What is your biggest skin concern? We all have different skin concerns and our skin concern in fact, changes seasonally or even weekly according to many different reasons. One week it gets too dry, the other week it gets extremely sensitive and the next week, we get pimples here and there thanks to hormonal changes.We get to question, ‘why does it have to be always hard when it comes to taking care of our skin and giving our skin some peace?’It is hard to have full control over our condition of the skin because so many different factors have influence over the condition from the deeper layer to the surface of the skin. So the best we can do is to keep a healthy lifestyle habit but also crucial to be aware of how to treat our skin right when problems hit.Among many different skin concerns, acne and controlling excessive oil on the face can be one of the toughest to deal with, since you don’t want to irritate the troubled area and overall skin even more and want to hydrated the skin in the right way yet still leaving skin feeling at ease with good water-oil level.

Top 5 Rules for Oily Acne Prone Skin

AND, as Wishtrend always does, to specifically help all of you struggling with 'oily acne prone skin', a new Wish, Try, Love - Day & Night Oily Acne Prone Skin Care Box has arrived! But before we get into details of how to use each and every hand picked products to improve your skin condition, it is always important to take a look at what keywords and rules to remember when it comes to taking care of oily acne prone skin.Top 5 Korean Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin! Cover ImageSo what are the keywords to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of acne-prone skin?

1) Don’t block your pores

According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control Prevention, acne is defined as something “formed by sebum buildup in the pores”. We are constantly producing oil in our bodies which are released through our pores. So think about what will happen if the pores are blocked and all the oil can’t find its way out? There are many different factors that will block our pores; from excessive sweating, sunscreen or foundation not properly removed from the skin or even when dead skin cells build up excessively on the skin. So when oil can’t find its way out, the sebaceous glands below the skin will end up being inflamed and infected making it the shortcut to acne. So first and foremost, we must make sure oil is properly released out of the pores.

2) Control sebum

Like mentioned previously, oil is secreted within our body and this is a very natural phenomenon. However, like the saying ‘too much is as bad as too little’, when there is excessive oil on our skin, it can be a cause of blocking pores and a broken balance of oil and water level on the skin. So it is very important to keep your water and oil balance on check and this can be done through healthy improvements in lifestyle and diet, however, what ingredients you choose to apply on your skin will have a massive influence. So, choosing products and ingredients that will hydrate your skin effectively yet has great oil and water balance is a key to preventing any further and future breakouts.

3) Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory is important

When it comes to dealing with acne, ‘antibacterial’ and ‘anti-inflammatory’ is a word you would like to keep in mind. When you have acne, skin gets easily irritated, inflamed and even be more infected. To avoid acne from getting worse (and to prevent if you don’t have any now), it is important to give antibacterial and anti-inflammatory care. These two care sounds like a very tricky skincare to do so, however, as long as you find the right ingredient it will make your skincare journey a lot easier.
  • Some ingredient recommendation for you
  • ● Antibacterial care: Propolis, vitamin c ● Anti-inflammatory care: Centella asiatica, tea tree, bamboo charcoal powder

4) Soothing Care!

Does this sound a bit too cliche for you? Yes it might, however, if you look back your skincare routine and see carefully if you actually practice soothing care for your skin, you’ll be surprised to see the absence of soothing care. So why is it important and how do we do it? Adding soothing care to the skin is crucial for troubled and sensitized skin. You can consider soothing as calming as well and also you can consider it as cooling. There are certain ingredients that will works great for this care and among them is erythritol, beta glucan. As much as antibacterial and sebum controlling is important, never forget to soothe and comfort your skin!

5) Keep skin safe at all times!

Last but not least! At all times, protect your skin from the sun rays. No matter what skin type you have, this will be one of the rules to never forget. The sun rays are stronger and can be more deadly than you can imagine. Not only notorious for accelerating skin aging, it can irritate, inflame and sensitize your skin making it even more prone to troubles. And this is not only restricted to short terms, but effects the skin in the long term! So whenever your skin has already become sensitive due to troubles, make sure you keep it safe with a mild sunscreen that will serve its purpose yet still leave skin feeling comfortable.

A Morning Routine Recommendation for You!

Considering the 5 rules to keep if you have oily acne prone skin, make sure to curate your morning and night routine accordingly. And if you always try to curate your skin care based out of the rules mentioned above with the appropriate skincare ingredients used in the right way and amount, it will not be too long until you get to witness an enhancement of your skin.

Step 1. Cleanse with Charcoal

Top 5 Korean Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin! GIF 2

How to use?

Lather the Klairs Charcoal Soap between your palms an apply the lathered foam on the areas of the face where it gets easily oily. Mostly massage the t-zone area, chin and other oily parts of your face in circular motions. Make sure not to over cleanse by rubbing the skin too harshly or for a long time.

Step 2. Prep & Hydrate the Skin

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How to use?

Once you have cleansed your face, prep the skin with the Klairs Unscented Toner using the sponge cotton pad. Prepping the skin with toner has now become a must routine for many of us both in the morning and at night. This step is crucial to not only add first hydration to the face but to help the following skincare steps works and be absorbed more effectively. Tap the toner soaked sponge cotton pad onto the skin without missing a spot. And you can also use your clean hands to tap in the remaining toner essence onto the skin.

Step 3. Antibacterial Care

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How to use?

After you have prepped and hydrated your skin, it is time to add a special care in your morning routine. Add antibacterial and antioxidant care with couple of drops of By Wishtrend Propolis Ampoule. Apply an adequate amount of the ampoule all over the face. Drop the ampoule on your forehead, your cheeks, your nose and your chin and make sure to massage them into the skin. You can end this step by wrapping around your face using the palms of your hands for better absorption.

Step 4. Hydrate with Light Cream

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How to use?

As the last step (before the sun protection step!) of yuor skin care routine, apply By Wishtrend Vitmain 75 Maxizing Cream in the morning. Lightly pat layers of the cream into the skin. A tip is to apply the cream from the middle point of your face and moving to the outer edges. This is a more effective way of applying a moisturizer without missing any part of your face. This light weight Vitamin E cream will make sure to lock in the moisture and the care that you added in the previous steps!

Step 5. Last But Not Least... Sun Protection

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How to use?

The last step of your morning routine, (no matter what your skin type is) will be sun protection! This is not only restricted to oily acne prone skin, but for all skins! But of course, if you have oily acne prone skin and is more prone to sensitivity and irritation, make sure you finish off with a lightweight sun essence that will keep your skin safe under the sun but still feeling at ease. Apply a generous amount of the Klairs UV Essence, about as much as two thirds of your index finger. Make sure you apply the sun essence 15 minutes before going outdoors to give it the time to make sure the skin is under protection.

Then how can I curate my night time routine?

Curating a night time skin care routine for oily acne prone skin will be based under the same principles mentioned above, however slightly different. If you wish to check out detailed night time skin care routine for oily acne prone skin, make sure you check out the video below. It will not only have the night time routine that you can easily follow but also guide you through both the day and night time routine!Top 5 Korean Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin! Video Thumbnail

Wish, Try, Love: Day & Night Oily Acne Prone Skin Care Box

*Always note that when you have severe acne and don't have a clear idea of at home skincare and ingredients that works on your skin, make sure to visit a professional dermatologist for consultancy.

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