Time to Say Good Bye to Chapped Lips

by Wendy Kim on Mar 21, 2018

What about chapped lips?

Time to Say Good Bye to Chapped Lips Article Insert 1Despite the weather or seasons, it's not so hard to get chapped lips and end up peeling and bleeding. It's very easy to forget keeping our lips moisturized and not giving enough attention to our lips compared to other parts of our skin. However, we always end up regretting our lack of attention whenever we try to rock a bold red lip or a matte liquid lipstick and end up frowning. Like any other parts of our skin, there is a lipid (fatty) layer on our lips. This lipid is what keeps the moisture from escaping from the skin but when not taken care of, it can start thinning which is why we end up having chapped lips. But since we use and move our mouth and our lips every single moment it is exposed to a variety of stimulation. Especially if you are living in a dry cold area, it is even more prone to dryness. But if you just remember a couple of basic rules and tips, you won't have to worry about chapped lips anymore.*If you want to check out a video on 'Lip Care Routine for Dry Lips | Lip & Lipstick Tips', click here.

Avoid the following...

- moistening lips with saliva- artificial lip treatments- citrus fruits when you have chapped lips- exfoliating with salicylic acid or harsh exfoliants- peeling off lips using fingers or nails

Keep the basics in mind and say good bye to chapped lips!

Here are basic rules to keep in mind if you wish to no longer be in pain with chapped lips. It might sound simple but so easy to miss and forget.

1) Drink plenty of water

We've heard the importance of drinking plenty of water so many times now. But many of us still fail to make this as a habit. When you don't drink plenty of water, our skin gets dehydrated and don't forget that our lips are also a part of our skin. Try to at least drink 8 glasses of water a day and instead of moistening your lips with your saliva, drink water to keep your lips moist. Try it and you'll see the difference.

2) Consider humidifier

Many of you who keeps your humidifier close to you on your desk at work or home are aware of the importance of keeping the air moist to keep your skin hydrated. And again, it applies the same for the lips as well. Keep it close to you so that your skin and your lips are exposed at a moist condition. Plus, there are some really cute humidifiers out there so have fun with it!

3) Hydrating ingredients such as 'Ceramide'

Don't forget to give your lips as much as care and affection that you have for your skin. Like you nourish and moisturize your skin, don't forget to hydrate and slather hydrating ingredient on your lips. One ingredient that you would want to keep in mind is 'Ceramide'. You can easily see the ingredient on many lip treatment and care products and of course many skincare products.Our recommendation on wishtrend:

[KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

Time to Say Good Bye to Chapped Lips Article Insert 2*Tips: Apply a layer of the lotion on your lips and leave it over night. Or if you want gentle exfoliation, use [KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad (or any other cotton pads you have at home), and gently remove the applied lotion off from the lips

4) Know how to gently exfoliate your lips

As much as you hydrate your lips, you would also want to exfoliate dead skin cells off from your lips from time to time. But exfoliating with exfoliators with big particles or harsh chemicals will do no good for your chapped lips. Exfoliate gently by using a cotton pad and a cream or use a small amount of hydrating sugar scrub.Our recommendation on wishtrend:

[KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Time to Say Good Bye to Chapped Lips Article Insert 3*Tips: Apply a layer of the sugar polish on your fingers and gently roll around your lips for less than 1 minute and rinse off with luke warm water. This will help to gently exfoliate dead skin layers off from the lips but still keep it hydrated.

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