This is How to Use Rose Quartz Roller: Roll, Lift, Cool

by Wendy Kim on Nov 26, 2019

The Rose Quartz Beauty Roller is finally out on Wishtrend, so let your facial rolling journey begin with us. Since it was the very first skincare tool that we created with our customers and subscribers, we wanted to make sure all of you have a very clear guide on how to maximize the use of the Rose Quartz Beauty Roller in your skincare routine.

Some checklist you need when you buy a rose quartz facial roller 

 the joints that holds the crystal: make sure if it is not too loose yet not too stiff the quality of the crystal: make sure if there is no debris or particles falling out from the stonethe items that comes along with the roller: check if there are additions that can help preserve the face roller in good condition. [caption id="attachment_84679" align="aligncenter" width="800"]how to use rose quartz roller insert image1 Wishtrend Rose Quartz Beauty Roller[/caption]Click here to see how Wishtrend Rose Quartz Beauty Roller meets all the criteria above.

What can I expect from using one?

There are mainly 4 different skin care benefits you can expect using jade facial rollers. To enhance elasticity of the skin, to de-puff around the eyes, to circulate lymphatic system, and to elevate your skincare routine. Having 4 effects with just one single product is what makes the jade rose quartz beauty roller such an attractive item. And the best part is that once you get it, you’re good to go for a very long time, or even forever (as long as you keep them safe and sound and get one that satisfies the checklist mentioned above)

Remember this: Roll, Lift, Cool

Before learning in detail about how to maximize the use of the rose quartz beauty roller for different effects, here are 3 rules to keep in mind whenever you use it.Roll: You don't have to put too much pressure when using the roller. Once you have a nice grip on the handle, gently roll it onto areas wherever you want care and use short gentle strokes.⊙ Lift: Always roll the stone in upward motion and from center of the face to outer corner of the face. With this, you can expect enhanced elasticity, blood and fluid circulation on the face. ⊙ Cool: Stones, are naturally cold so you can expect a cooling effect on the skin whenever you use it. Avoid placing the stone in extreme temperatures but rather focus on storing it in clean and safe condition.

How to use Rose Quartz Roller

[caption id="attachment_84604" align="aligncenter" width="800"]how to use rose quartz roller insert image 2 Try using your Rose Quartz Beauty Roller in different ways to maximize skin benefits[/caption]1) For elasticity & anti-aging
  • ⊙ Type: the larger roller
  • ⊙ Areas to use: the jawline, the cheeks, the forehead
  • ⊙ Pair it with: products with anti aging properties, antioxidants
  • ⊙ Recommendations:
- [Brand Package] I’m From Special Package - [I’m From] Honey Serum 2) For de-puffing & cooling
  • ⊙ Type: the smaller roller
  • ⊙ Areas to use: under eyes, over eyes
  • ⊙ Pair it with: eye care products, cooling & soothing serums
  • ⊙ Recommendations:
- [Klairs] Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel- [Klairs] Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter3) For lymphatic drainage
  • ⊙ Type: the larger roller
  • ⊙ Areas to use: the neck, the jawline
  • ⊙ Pair it with: dry facial oil serums, gel type creams
  • ⊙ Recommendations:
4) For better absorption of skincare products
  • ⊙ Type: either one according to the area of use
  • ⊙ Areas to use: wherever you want care
  • ⊙ Pair it with: sheet masks, any type of skincare products
  • ⊙ Recommendations:

Detailed tutorial on how to use the Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

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