The Vitamin E Brightening Care Made Possible with a Pudding?

by Lorena Jimenez on Dec 03, 2018

The weather is changing with autumn coming to an end and therefore our skin needs to adapt to the new upcoming climate. Last month I recommended a vitamin C product for the monthly pick, in order to help you get rid of any pigmentation that might have been triggered during the summer. But now, the summer is long gone, and the skin has different necessities. "Winter is almost here, which means that skin has to deal with a lot of external stress related to the cold climate, extreme dryness and the constant change of temperatures." If you want to prevent further damage that will be harder to repair later on, it is very important that during the beginning of this period you start giving your skin the proper nourishment, to make sure that your skin stays healthy and strong. 


A Multipurpose Vitamin E Cream.


So, here we go :  

1. Texture

The [Klairs] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is a multipurpose product that can be used in many different ways in order to achieve great skin benefits. But apart from all the skin greatness, there is something very unique to this product, its texture. The Vitamin E Mask has indeed a very satisfying texture, that many of our Wishtrenders seem to adore. Closest to a gel than a cream or a mask, its elastic & bouncy texture, makes it a great product to use as a moisturizer as well as to use as an overnight mask. Gliding perfectly without friction, the pudding-like texture makes it not only easy to spread, but also makes the product bounce back into the original shape as if it were never-touched and brand new, every time you open the container. This is oddly satisfying.  

2. Ingredients

The Vitamin E Mask has moisturizing, brightening and anti aging properties. Not only does it have vitamin E which is great for brightening and anti-aging, but also has a couple more great ingredients that you should also pay attention to. These are my favorites among the formulation: - Sodium Hyaluronate: a lovely humectant that provides elasticity and hydration to the skin.- Niacinamide: a form of vitamin B3 great for brightening, controlling sebum and helping improve skin texture.- Centella Asiatica Extract: a great ingredient for soothing and regenerating the skin.- Ceramide NP: another great ingredient to not only help retain moisture, but also rebuild the skin barrier.  

3. How to Use

The use of the Vitamin E Mask is fairly simple. Being a slightly more occlusive type of treatment, it shall be used as one of the last steps of your skin care. Occlusive does not necessarily mean greasy, so do not worry, because in this case, it basically just means that it is something that will prevent nutrients from leaving your skin as time goes by. This is a very great trait to have all day around, but as you imagine it is especially useful at night and during the cold and rough winter. 

 Apply the Vitamin E Mask as one of the last steps of your routine. Creating, a slight film that will not only moisturize the skin, but also prevent any moisture from evaporating. Which will keep all those nutrients that you have applied beforehand, well locked into the skin. You can simply use this product as a moisturizer by applying a thin layer and helping it absorb into the skin and you can repeat this process a second time with a slightly thicker layer, for an overnight treatment. It will also work great when used as as a sleeping mask over any other moisturizer of your choice, whenever your skin needs extra moisture.  

4. Smart Tips

The [Klairs] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is a great vitamin E product to use on its own, but there are many different ways you can use it to get extra benefits for the skin. Here are my tips. 


1) Vitamin Cocktail

"As you might know, Vitamin E and Vitamin C work great together." This is due to the fact that both vitamin´s support each other´s antioxidation properties. Not only does Vitamin E help the absorption of Vitamin C, but being both great at neutralizing free radicals and producing and keeping strong levels of collagen and protein for the skin, both vitamins together will deliver great results in terms of brightness, scarring reduction, skin resilience and bounciness as well as skin protection against sun damage and other external factors that could potentially damage the skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin, since both products can be quite heavy on the skin for first-time users, instead of mixing them together I recommend you to apply them separately. Letting both ingredients enough time to absorb in between applications. BUT, if your skin is used to these two Vitamin ingredients, you can definitely try cocktailing Vitamin C serum with Vitamin E cream! Also being the Vitamin E mask on the thicker side it will not be a bad idea to reduce the formula with some thermal water or very basic toner the first couple of times applying if you have combination skin. Take a smaller size of the Vitamin E Mask and mix with your another product of your preference, in the same ratio before applying. And always making sure that the product is well absorbed into the skin. You can slowly reduce the ratio until you can apply the mask on its own for full effects.  

2) I know it is winter, but keep it cool

Winter or summer the skin can always benefit from some extra cooling. Overheated skin is a main cause of skin aging and collagen loss. In the summer due to the hot weather and during the winter due to the constant strong heating and extreme change in temperatures, the skin has big chances of becoming extra irritated and overheated. Keep your Vitamin E Mask on the fridge and apply it onto the skin, the product will not only have the normal Vitamin E effects of brightening, moisturizing and improving skin texture, but also a cooling and refreshing effect, that will help calm and soothe the skin after a long day. Make sure to pat the product well onto the skin for better absorption, since this is what will bring the full benefits.  

3) A multi-purpose product

Vitamin E is not only great to apply on the face but also on other areas like around the eyes and even lips, if around your eyes have been dull and sunken lately and your lips appear chapped and somehow deflated. Apply a cold spoonful of the Vitamin E Mask over the under eye area, right over the cheekbone, but not too close to the water line, always being careful to not get it on the eyes. You can repeat the same process over the lips. When applying the product on both areas make sure to apply a thicker layer and let it rest from 10 to 15 minutes, you can then remove the remaining product with light and soothing toner (with no alcohol and few ingredients) and proceed to apply your cream or chapstick, you will see how soft and plump your eyes and lips feel become.And if you have any other areas where your skin is a little bit darker, like elbows, knees and even armpits you can also improve the tone on those areas by applying a small amount of the Vitamin E Mask regularly.  

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