The Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types!

by Gina Myung on Jun 19, 2018

While we use sheet masks to relax and give our skin the TLC it needs, the process of picking one can be chaotic, and even stressful. When it comes down to sheet masks, we have to not only think about the brand, ingredients, texture, formula, function...the list goes on, but also take into consideration its fit with our unique skincare worries and issues. Because we know that sifting through all the options in the market is definitely one option we want to cross out, we’ve prepared a list of our top sheet mask choices, including the best korean sheet mask for oily skin and other concerns!The Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 1

What are the benefits of sheet masks?

Since their introduction, sheet masks have been loved for their sense of luxury - a small 15 to 20 minute window dedicate to the sole purpose of pampering ourselves and our skin. They have also risen in popularity for the various wonders they do for the skin. Sheet masks work to create a physical barrier to lock in the goodness of the essence, and because they seal in the good and keep away the bad, they prevent the beneficial ingredients from evaporating and maximize the effectiveness of the essence. While each sheet mask will have a different intended effect, as a whole, they help to maintain elasticity of the skin by keeping it hydrated. This keeps the skin’s barrier strong and healthy, allowing it to better fend off environmental irritants, and better regulate and maintain oil and moisture levels deep in the skin.

How often should I sheet mask?

Before getting into the world of sheet masking, it’s important to note that how often and how long you choose to mask will vastly change the effects you see. In terms of how often you should sit down with a sheet mask, it can vary anywhere from once a few months, to twice a day. While using one once a week is a good baseline to start at, there are many people that have started to use one a day, popularized in Korea as the “1 Day, 1 Mask” trend. Many experts believe that using sheet masks a few times a week is beneficial in recharging the skin of the nutrients and moisture it loses throughout the day, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you and what you believe your skin needs.

Choosing the right sheet mask for your skin type

Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal. The reason there are such a variety of brands offering a plethora of different products lies in the multitude of different skin concerns and skin types there are. It’s important to recognize the signs your skin is giving you and cater specifically to them. Read below to see what best korean sheet mask for oily skin and other skin concerns are.

1) Dry Skin:

- What to look for in a sheet mask: The main thing that dry skin is in need of is hydration. Unlike the best korean sheet mask for oily skin, a sheet mask for dry skin should focus on recharging itself with moisture, nutrient-rich fatty acids, and powerful hydrators like hyaluronic acid to help repair itself and quench its thirst through light but intense moisture. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter to penetrate deep into the skin and maintain hydration in the skin for long periods of time.- Products to try:[BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet MaskThe Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 2- For more details: click here

2) Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin:

- What to look for in a sheet mask: Sensitive skin should always be handled with care. Redness, irritability, and even being more prone to acne are some of the leading signs of sensitive skin, and can be soothed with sheet masks that feature calming ingredients, such as centella asiatica extract, to repair the skin’s barrier with it’s nutrients and hydrating properties. But, remember to stay clear of yes, fragrances, excessive alcohol, and sulfates!- Products to try:[KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet MaskThe Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 3- For more details: click here

3) Oily Skin:

- What to look for in a sheet mask: The best korean sheet mask for oily skin is one that isn’t overbearing on the skin, while still delivering the nutrients it needs. Of the many causes of oily skin, an overheated face and dehydration are two of the leading reasons oil production is higher than normal. Sheet masks that have cooling properties to lower the temperature of the skin, as well as provide light hydration to the skin, can help control oil and maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.- Products to try:[KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet MaskThe Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 4- For more details: click here

4) Dull, Pigmented Skin:

- What to look for in a sheet mask: Sometimes we fail to look after our skin, resulting in a dull, lifeless looking complexion. Evenmore, dark spots and pigmentation from acne can weigh us down and make our skin look worse than it actually is. For those in need of a pick me up, look for sheet masks that contains hydrating, nutrient-rich agents that can give a boost of life back to the skin. Great ingredients like enzymes, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C & E gently and quickly penetrate into the skin to add back a natural glow to the skin while brightening the overall complexion by fading pigmentation.- Products to try:[BY WISHTREND] Natural Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Sheet MaskThe Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 5- For more details: click here

5) Inflamed Skin:

- What to look for in a sheet mask: Inflamed skin can be tricky to deal with. The best thing you can do is offer relief through sheet masks that feature luxurious hydration and a richer essence. Similar to sensitive skin, inflamed skin need to be taken care of with a mild formula in order to soothe, and moisturize.- Products to try:[I'm From] Mugwort Sheet MaskThe Best Korean Sheet Mask for Oily Skin & Other Types Article Insert 6- For more details: click here

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