Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

by Claudia Christin on Nov 15, 2023

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If we are talking about natural ingredients that can help brighten our skin, many people across any age might instantly think of rice. Rice is long well-known for its brightening effect on skin. Back in the day, rice (in the form of rice water) was believed to have many benefits not only for skin but also for hair. In today's modernized beauty industry, we can still see rice among the ingredients list of products that help with skin brightening effect. Rice in skincare can be found in many forms such as rice bran oil, rice bran extracts, and rice water. 


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

Why is it an effective ingredient for glowing skin?

Glowing skin does not only equal bright skin. A healthy and young looking skin is what a glowing skin truly is. Let’s see how rice can help us achieve glowing skin.


#1 Rice is rich in minerals (zinc, magnesium), amino acids, vitamins (B and C) and antioxidants.

This makes rice an all-rounder on skin’s benefiting properties. From reducing skin irritations, controlling excessive sebum production, providing hydration, improving skin tone and barrier. On top of that it also helps minimize the look of our pores by protecting against UVB-induced skin damage, rice can do it all!


#2 Rice is rich in antioxidants, ultimately inositol. 

Antioxidants are known to fight off free radicals, which can cause cell damage. The effects of free radicals that we can see in our skin are dullness and aging skin. In a study, researchers found that rice has the same antioxidant activity as Ascorbic Acid which is a great ingredient to help brighten the skin. 

Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

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#3 Rice is a natural and gentle exfoliator which could help remove dead skin cells and brighten skin’s complexion


Rice granules can often be found in beauty products as a natural, gentle exfoliators. You can gently massage the soft rice granule particles to remove any rough skin texture due to dead skin cells.


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#4 Inositol in rice is found to smooth out wrinkles and increase skin elasticity


Though the study was considered small and the dose was not specifically mentioned. []

In the form of rice bran oil, it has powerful anti-aging properties by restoring elasticity that leads to reduced wrinkles, evening out dark spots caused by sun exposure and age spot.


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

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