Set of the Week: Happy New Year with Reveal Your Best Skin Box

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Jan 03, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had the best opening of the new year 2022! We are again back with another episode of 'Set of the Week' and we are super excited to start of with an amazing skincare routine that could really help you reveal the best skin to get ready for a great year ahead. We started the ‘Set of the Week’ to share Wishtrend’s exclusive skincare boxes curated to answer to different skincare questions and skin conditions one by one in detail. 💙 Read more about the Rich Moist Package?Set of the Week Rich Moist Package for Full Hydration 💙 Read more about the Dew is Better than One?Set of the Week: Dew is Better than One, 2 Step for Radiant Skin 💙 Read more about the Fundamental Care Package?Set of the Week: Fundamental Skincare Achieved with Klairs And we are back with the first ‘Set of the Week’ of 2022: Reveal Your Best Skin Box 

Before we go in detail, what is Wish, Try, Love?

Wish, Try, Love is Wishtrend’s iconic skincare box series that are specifically designed to target specific skin conditions and skincare questions to make your skincare journey easier and more effective. 

A whole new skincare routine makeover with: Reveal Your Best Skin Box

Brand Package

Reveal Your Best Skin Box

● in one sentence: This is a 5-step routine from exfoliation to moisturizer to remove dead skin cells, nourish skin all over and lock in full hydration.● recommended for: Dry & flaky skin, oily skin, skin with fine lines.● what to expect: Exfoliation, hydration, nourishment, antioxidant care, under-eye care Made with many of our customers' requests, the Reveal Your Best Skin Box consists of newly launched products at Wishtrend. This is a skincare routine for those who want to switch up to a new skincare routine and want your skin to be the best. 

● How to use: 

 Step 1. Apply the Klairs Youthful Sugar Glow Mask as the first step of your skincare routine. This may be used as a cleansing balm, a mild physical exfoliator or a hydrating mask. Depending on your skin condition, we recommend you using this 1-2 a week. Step 2. Then tone your skin with the Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water. Make sure to use the Klairs Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad to evenly prep your skin. Step 3. Next, apply one of the two Eye products. We recommend using the Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel during the day time, and the Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter during the night time. Learn More about the products by clicking on view products. Step 4. Lastly, fully moisturize your skin with the I'm From Honey Glow Cream to fully coat your skin for that extra moisture.  

Five star reviews: Read some of the top rated reviews of the package written by Wishtrenders


Amazing Products! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

This Skincare box is definitely one of the best ones I used. It might be on the more expensive side but it's worth it. I got this box back in May, and have most of the products still left. Youthful Sugar Mask- I use this once a week, and my skin feels great after it. My skin feels really nice and soft, and the rest of my skincare goes on really nice. Hydrating water- This bottle is really bug and will last you months, even if you layer. It hydrates my skin really well. It makes it feel soft, and look great too. Eye Awakening Gel- I still have a lot of this product left. A little goes a long way! It really hydrates my eye area in the morning, its lightweight and perfect. Eye Butter- this is one of the best eye cream's I have used. It works perfect at night. It really helps to hydrate my eye skin area. Honey Glow Cream-really mosturizing, makes me skin feel great. Overall this skincare box is great. My skin always felt hydrated with it. It always looked great, and dewy – Gidenko Ta**** 

Saved my skin! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

"I got this box when it first came out and i can confidently say that it saved my skin. It was just what i needed! My skin was extremely irritated and breaking out all the time so, i decided to give this a try and i don't regret it at all. Before this i was using an acne medication that is very popular but it was not helping much so when i saw how effective these products were it drove me to invest more in my skin and study the engridients more. Thank you wishtrend!!" - Velazquez Je**** 

I love wishtrend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

"This is my fourth order, the package arrived yesterday and I was not satisfied because there is half the package in my package. But the next day there was another package that contained the other products I ordered and it turned out that they sent all the products I ordered and did not make a mistake in my order, almost all of them, since they are excellent and fit my skin which is thin and responsive to any change." - Sawsan Zo****

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