#pawpromise with Wishtrend to Start Cruelty Free Skincare

by Wendy Kim on May 20, 2020

Every year when May comes around, here at Wishtrend, things get a little busy. Cruelty-Free has always been associated with Wishtrend and always has been closely attached to the identity. What Wishtrend aspires to do is to not only raise awareness on the matter but also help ‘wistrenders’ to enjoy skincare along the way! Last year, Wishtrend shared the message of ‘cruelty-free’ through the #goodpacakge and offered our customers to have the chance to take part in the movement as we donated all the profit derived from the purchase of the good package to the ‘Humane Society International’. 2020 is of course no exception and Wishtrend’s love and aspiration for ‘cruelty-free’ continues. And this year, there is more to celebrate and more for you to take part in joining us to the journey of ‘cruelty-free’.

#pawpromise with Wishtrend for your 'cruelty-free' journey

#pawpromise-wishtrend-cruelty-free-insert-image-1This year, Wishtrend is initiating #pawpromise #wishcrueltyfree to raise awareness on cruelty-free among 'wishtrenders' and share the journey beyond the Wishtrend community. Wishtrend aspires to become the hub where people can enjoy cruelty-free skincare and stay connected and keep ties with people, brands, products and communities that share the same aspiration. 

How it all started,

#pawpromise-cruelty-free-skin-care-insert-image-2 Click the image above to see the actual post on Instagram[/caption]For the past couple of years, it wasn't hard to find photos on Instagram that 'wishtrenders' took of their pets and their favorite cruelty-free skincare products from Wishtrend. Sehee, our Instagram operator at Wishtrend made sure to repost those moments on Wishtrend Instagram and watching the followers get excited and come together to share the moments was truly a positive experience for Wishtrend and 'wishtrenders'.  And as Wishtrend was getting closer to another round of 'cruelty-free week' in 2020, it only made sense to amplify the positive experience that has already been gaining momentum!

Why the 'paw'?

#pawpromise-cruelty-free-skin-care-insert-image-3 #pawpromise with 'Doolie' on the left and 'LEO' on the right[/caption]If you have a pet or know a pet, we often find ourselves asking them for their paws and it is one of the moments that really brings us comfort and a rush of loving feels. And it is definitely one of the moments that we feel intimate and feel connected with them! Wishtrend thought these moments of our hands and their paws held together can be a great reminder of how we aspire to be more 'cruelty-free', and promise our companions to pursue 'cruelty-free'. Hence the #pawpromise.

How to join #pawpromise #wishcrueltyfree @wishtrend

To celebrate the start of a new journey, there will be a giveaway hosted on Wishtrend! Share the #pawpromise moment with your favorite paw in hand and get a chance to get hands on some of your favorite products from Wishtrend that can help hydrate & protect the skin!#pawpromise-cruelty-free-skin-care-insert-image-4 #pawpromise with 'Ma Coco'on the left & 'Dambi' on the right[/caption]Here is how you can be a part of the #pawpromise #wishcrueltyfree moment:

Giveway rules: 

  1. 1. Post a photo of #pawpromise moment with your pet on your account with the #pawpromise #wishcrueltyfree 
  2. 2. Tag @wishtrend on the photo 
  3. 3. Follow @wishtrend account
  4. 4. To have a higher chance of wining, share the giveaway post on your IG story 
5. Only public accounts will have the chance to win the giveaway6. You can upload as much as photos you want!
  • * the giveaway will last from May 23rd to June 1st 
  • * Wishtrend will select 5 winners!
  • * the winners will be announced on the 2nd of June @wishtrend

If you make it to the giveaway, you will win: 

  1. Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist 
  2. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum 
  3. Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence
#pawpromise-cruelty-free-skincare-insert-image-5 #pawpromise with '곰탱이 (Gom-teng-ee)' on the left and 'Mocchi' on the right[/caption]Join us at Wishtrend and be a part of this positive movement to take a closer step to 'cruelty-free' skincare!
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