Parts Of The Body You Might Be Missing When Applying SPF

by Bettina Miski on Apr 13, 2023

Parts of body you are missing applying spf

Applying SPF is one of the most important parts of our morning routines. You finally made it part of your daily routine without skipping a day? We are proud of you! But are you sure you got everything covered? Here are some body parts that we all tend to—but really shouldn’t—forget about when it comes to applying sun protection.



Even though the eye area has the thinnest skin and therefore needs the most protection, we often neglect it. Most sunscreens are safe to use on the eye area. But nowadays you can also find many eye creams that contain at least SPF30.



The same goes for our lips. Did you know that the skin on our lips is actually one of the most sun-sensitive parts of our body due to its low melanin level? That unfortunately also means our lips are prone to developing aggressive forms of skin cancer. So make sure not to skip it! If you don’t want to use your regular sunscreen, you can also find a wide selection of lip balms and even lipsticks with a sun protection factor.


Even if you have long hair that covers your ears, it doesn’t mean they are safe from sun exposure. The ears are one of the most frequent spots where skin cancer occurs. So whenever you’re applying SPF to your face, just use a little extra and cover your ears as well.

If you’re still working on creating an effective but efficient skincare routine, or just looking for some new products that make a simple but adequate routine, check out our new Simple is the Best Set. You can choose whether you (and your skin) prefer a classic cream formulation like the By Wishtrend UV Defense Moist Cream, or a stick like the Kahi Aqua Balm. And we’ll take care of the rest. Both versions of the set include the same cleanser, toner-essence, and soothing sheet masks that make up a nourishing everyday routine. 



Sun protection does not stop at your face. Your neck, chest, and cleavage areas are also exposed to UV rays daily. Yet we are all guilty of neglecting these areas. The way you bring down your serums and moisturizers to your neck, make sure your SPF doesn’t feel left out either. With similar motions, bring down your regular sunscreen in the front, then work it out to the sides (and back) of the neck, and into the hairline.



Both the neck, and the hands tend to be primary areas to show signs of aging, and sun damage will speed that up. So besides the health-damaging factors of UV, paying attention to this area is also important for keeping a youthful look. After applying sunscreen, it’s almost like a reflex to rush to the sink and wash our hands. But that only makes the skin on our hands exposed to all the damaging rays. You might as well work that extra product into the skin and wait for it to absorb before moving on with your routine—just as if you were applying a hand cream.



Yes, you can’t forget about your feet either when you’re wearing open footwear. We probably all had our sandals’ strap designs tan (or burn) into our skin at some point in our lives. Keep those unpleasant summer moments in mind, and you won’t forget to apply SPF on the tops of your feet ever again!

These areas are especially important to care for when you’re spending time under direct sunlight. But of course, that shouldn’t stop you from outdoor activities! With the Protect & Protect Set you can build a lightweight skincare routine with broad-spectrum protection. The set contains a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a pack of sheet masks. And of course, sunscreen! If you prefer chemical SPF, you can get the set with the Cosrx Vitamin E Vitalizing Sunscreen. Or with the Torriden Dive-in Mild Sun Cream if physical/mineral sunscreens are more your thing.

protect and protect set

These might be some of the most often overlooked areas, but in short, where your skin is exposed, SPF should go. That also includes your waist or stomach area when wearing a crop top, for example. And don’t forget to reapply!

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