New Arrival: Now You Can Find Soo Good Beauty at Wishtrend

by Wendy Kim on Sep 22, 2021


📌 How to Participate the GIVEAWAY

💚 Step 1. Click HERE and fill out the google form!💚 Step 2. Leave a comment in this video (or click onto the video inserted below) about [what makes YOU feel soo good]💚 Step 3. And you are all set! Hope you win! Fingers crossed!  A very exciting news for you and for Wishtrend! From today, you’ll be able to find Soo Good Beauty at Wishtrend!  

Soo Beauty is Where it All Started

Soo is one of the leading skincare and beauty Youtubers from Korea with her channel called Soo Beauty. Soo has been making content on Youtube since 2017, and the contents range from cosmetic and skincare reviews to vlogs and fitness related contents. One of the most early on content was reviewing Korean makeup cushion products and it has become one of her most renown series on her channel.  

Created by Soo Beauty: Soo Good Beauty 


“As long as you feel good, nothing else matters” 

 Soo Beauty Insert Image 1  Within 7 years of being a beauty expert under her belt, and working with various brands such as Unilever, Dr.jart + and innisfree, Soo has used a countless number of products.  After working through her own journey of battling with acne wich she actively shares on her personal Youtube channel Soo Beauty, she realized that there are no rules that apply to all when it comes to skincare and it is not about popular brands or what other people use. It is about finding the product that makes skin feel (soo) good and working with products that works on your very own skin.   

Let Your Skin Feel Calm with Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad


Here are some of the highlights:

💚 CALMING AND SOOTHING - Formulated on a base of 83% Cabbage Water, each pad is designed to help calm and soothe your skin during the 'toner' step💚 CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY - Simply just what these words imply. Nothing more, nothing less.💚 FRAGRANCE FREE - No artificial fragrances are included in this product. Any sort of scent that might exist is a natural characteristic of the ingredients used.💚 HIGH QUALITY, NON-IRRITATING PAD - Made with 100% cotton and processed in a way that makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types 

1. 83% Cabbage Water as the primary ingredient:

 Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad Ingredient Image 
  • Major skincare benefits of cabbage extract: 
✓ Calming the Skin✓ Reducing Sebum Production✓ Caring for Pores How familiar are you with cabbage extract for the skin? Cabbage might not be a familiar ingredient for skincare and more so as an ingredient for skin detox. But did you know that cabbage not only tastes amazing but is a great antioxidant ingredient for the skin when applied? Cabbage extract not only has calming properties but also helps control over-production of sebum and is great to take care of pores. It is also known to have significant antioxidant benefits. The Toner Pad contains 83% of cabbage extract along with some of the other great antioxidant rich ingredients and calming ingredients such as greent tea, centella asiatica and aloe leaf extract.   

2. 115% Bigger in Size and Softer 

Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad Size Image  The cotton pads used for the Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad was customized specificially to feel gentle on the skin so that it could be used regardless of skin types or skin conditions. Not only that the size of the Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad is 15% bigger compared to average toner pads out in the market.This makes it great for the toner pad to be used not only as a reguolar toner pad but also as an targeted sheet mask for your cheeks, neck and forhead as it will cover them entirely just as a normal sheet mask will do.   

3. Extra Soaked with Calming Essence 

Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad Essence Image With 83% cabbage water, the Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad is filled with calming and soothing essence. Each toner pad is pre-soaked with essence and you will be surprised with the surplus amount of essence with every swipe on the face. With the abundant amount of essence soaked in each pads, you could stick to using just on toner pad for each use since it will hydrate your overall face. One great wayt to use the extra soaked pad is to use one side to remove mild makeup or residue on the face (or even exfoliation) and the other side to hydrate and soothe the skin just like how you would for the toner step. 

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